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Light Priestess Temple by Jennifer Ashira Ra
Divine Light Body Activation by Light Priestess Temple

Open the New Divine Stargate.

Join With Us for the Grand Activation  

in the Golden Temple of Light.


The 3:3:3 Trinity Portal of New Union

for the New Golden Age 


ACTIVATE Your New Divine Light Body

The Opening of Your New Ascended Master Codes and New Divine Consciousness


CALLING the High Priestesses + Priests, Leaders and Initiators of the New Golden Age.

Join With Us in the Highest Temple and Remember Again.

This is Your Crowning Moment 

Bringing Your Soul into Divine Union to Ascend to the New Highest Level of Light.

From Student to Initiate. Initiate to Priestess. Priestess to Ascended Being. 

Ascended Being to Ascended Master. 

12:12 is the Stargate -- Activating and Preparing You for 2022. 

To Embody the New Highest Codes + New Union of the Highest Christ Light.

The Divine Light Body Activation

WILL Open Your New Ascended Master Keycodes,

New Starseed Keycodes, New Angelic Keycodes + New Galactic Keycodes. 

Initiating ALL into the New High Council of Light. 

You are The Golden Key Opening the Highest Council for Humanity.

The High Council of Light are the Holders + Keepers of THE Highest Codes

of the Realm. Initiators of the New Golden Age on Earth.


The High Council of New Earth is Gathering Now.

Beloved Feel the Call

The High Council of New Earth is Gathering Now. Beloved Feel the Call
The High Council of New Earth is Gathering Now.  Beloved Feel the Call
The High Council of New Earth is Gathering Now.  Beloved Feel the Call

This Activation IS the Next Level.

Never Before on the Planet.

Only by Coming Together as ONE for the12:12 Portal.

The New Divine Light Ascended Codes Will Be Dispensated by Source

to Activate within You + for Humanity.


Emergence of the New Divine Light Body 

IS OPENING NOW to Activate the Highest Divine Light Codes for the New Golden Age. Accessing All the Galaxies, Your New Cosmic Consciousness, Light Travel, Highest Mastery Portals Opening within You, The New Healing Codes for Earth and so much more that cannot be expressed with words....

The New Ankh of Light held in the Highest Realms for Millenia - is now Activating within our Ceremony. You will Receive this Special Healing Vibrational Attunement.

Beloved Will You Step into Your Highest Divinity?


OPEN The New Highest Source Codes within You + for Humanity

UPGRADE To the New Multi-Dimensional Divine Field of Light  

PREPARE for the New Christ Consciousness


We Are Guided by Source and the Highest Golden Beings of Light 

to Activate the New Divine Light Body + High Council of Light.  

Your Highest Guides are now Ready to Come in + Assist You .

Your Highest Soul Timelines and Wisdoms are Opening.




Walk the Path of the New Ascended Master

The New High Council of Light will Activate within our Sacred Ceremony 

This is the Highest Calling.

CLAIM Your Seat within the New High Council of Earth

All prior Activations, Your Deep Soul Healing Work, Inner Union and Initiations has prepared You to Now Transcend to Your Next Quantum Level of Light and Highest Consciousness.

Receive Your Crown. 

We Invite You to Step through the 12:12 Golden Doorway of Light with Us

and Activate Your New Divine Light Body + Council of Light for Humanity.






  • 12:12 LIVE Channelled New Divine Light Body Activation

  • 12:12 High Council of Light Initiation

  • Egyptian Temple of RA Tuning Forks Healing Attunement

  • 12:12 Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Journey

  • Gridding of the New Cosmic Consciousness

  • New Divine Union Light Codes for Humanity

  • Your Highest Timeline 

  • New Galactic Access

  • Light Body Integration Sealing Immersion

  • Freedom

  • Joy

  • Deepest Healing + Releasing of All Duality

  • Sharing + Envisioning High Council Circle



$66 usd

You Receive Full Activation Ceremonyy with

Temple Envisioning Gridding Circle 

kendra with ankh 3.jpeg

This Activation is So Important.

We Have Been Guided to Offer 

3 Part Sacred Ceremony 

  • New Divine Light Body Activation

  • High Council of Light Initiation 

  • Integration Attunement - Sacred Sealing of the New Energies and Codes 

Fully Activating + Sharing Together. Envisioning the

New Divinity for Humanity and Deeply Connecting.

ankhs and trinity _edited.png


We are so Honored and Excited to Gather with You!

Gathering as ONE in Divine Union. 

Calling Each of Us to Activate the New Divine Light

Consciousness within Humanity Now.

We Thank You for Remembering and Answering this Sacred Call!


All Our Love

Jennifer + Kendra 

kendra + jennifer meet presenters art 2 2.jpeg


Kendra Divine Purpose 

Kendra- Is a Higher-Self Catalyst, Healer + Mentor. 

Creator of the Divine Mother Ministry.


She is Passionate about Healing all wounds of Separation to Birth the New Age.

Ascending into Your Divine Purpose. 


She is the Embodiment of Akasha.

The Red Crystal Skywalker.

She is Connected with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Cleopatra and the Highest Ascended Masters of Light.


Bringing in the Messages of Love + True Freedom. 

Jennifer Ashira Ra

Jennifer - A Divine Channel. 

Activates Humanity's New Light Codes,

High Priestess Initiation and Mastery Facilitator.

She s called to Gather the Leaders  & Wayshowers

for the New Age of Light. 

Her Name means Giver of Codes.

She Embodies & Channels the Divine lineages of Source.

High Priestess of the Temple of Isis, 

Daughter + Partner of RA, 

High Priestess of Avalon,

Throne of the New Sun Queen

Throne of the Rose Queen of Earth

divine light boidy art 14 1 .jpeg
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