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5 Secrets How to Unlock Your Soul's Ascension Codes with Sacred Travel

Want to know the Secret to Activate Your Soul's Highest Ascension Codes & Destiny? It is Traveling to Sacred Sites. Egypt, Macchu Picchu, India, Bali, Glastonbury, Hawaii and so many more....Temples of Light, Golden Pyramids and Vortexes. That I have been called to journey to over the past 7 years …. unlocked my biggest upgrades and activated my original soul lineages and codes. Now fully knowing who I am and why I am here.

Traveling to what sacred vortex calls you is the secret to fully stepping into your souls purpose and destiny.

What site or sacred land is calling you? The Pyramids of Egypt, the Water Temples of Bali, the Temples of Greece, The Goddess Lineage of India, the leylines of Avalon at Glastonbury, The Rock Circles of Britain or the carved Temples of Petra?

Do you see an image of it online and it speaks to you or it is mentioned in a podcast and the words become an arrow directly to your heart of remembering .

This call is your soul showing you, your next step, the path and the way.

The path of the Embodied Priestess and Divine Feminine Leader is beyond your personal inner Temple walls.

It is walking in the deep the grid of light calling you to remember again.

I am amazed at the remembrances in my life…Bali Water Temples opening my ability to vision, Northern California Shakti Vortex Waterfall my first job for spirit strengthening the leyline from Mt Shasta to Kauai, Temple of Isis, Egypt activating my solar memories of walking there as High Priestess. Lesvos, Greece - Activating the Royal Suntribe Temple and 32 golden pyramids of light for the New Golden Age and so many more….

Experience this on your Soul Path when you journey to Sacred Sites that call you.


CHOOSE Tune in + choose which sacred site you are called to travel to. Unlock your sacred potential when you physically stand within the ancient portal sites that call you. Activated for 1000s of years. Calling you to remember again. You enter the alchemical chamber of transformation into who your soul is calling you to become.

ACTIVATE You left codes for yourself from ages before that come online again when you answer that deep knowing and journey to the specific Temple , Pyramid or sacred land. You align and merge with that part of your soul that knows. That calls you. That holds the wisdoms of the ages.

ACCESS your original soul lineage again when you stand in the sacred sites and lands. Just by being in that field your cells upgrade and upload all that you previously held and embodied. By just standing there again. You access that next level of your soul destiny - that you cannot get in training or workshop. Only by immersing in the land and answering the soul call it is given again.

EMBODY You Embody your original soul codes and wisdoms by walking within the sacred vortexes that call you. It is a physical and immersive journey back to yourself. No longer blocked or unclear. You know who you are and what you are to do. To share your message and speak your truth. Benefits all that you offer in the world when you truly embody and know who you truly are.

CONNECT with your Soul StarTribe - many join in with their calling too…When you join a pilgrimage or travel to a sacred site. You are journeying with soul family. You are not alone any longer. You connect again, Remembering each other and the bonds of friendship and soil connection that run deep with you.

I have travelled for over 7 years activating new Temples of Light, Pyramids, Portals and Vortexes. It’s been a journey!

Now I am called to Hawaii the ancient mountain tops of Lemuria - Activating the New Golden Temple of Light for the New Golden Age.

Its only by saying Yes! To your soul call can your original codes open and activate again within the original location where they began. This is the original grid where the power is held and is ready to open within you now.

As a result of traveling to sacred sites around the world and holding ceremony I have witnessed the most powerful transformation within myself and our Community.

  • Healing of old belief patterns,

  • Dissolving fears

  • Clearing lifelong limitations and blocks

  • Moving from not knowing to knowing

  • Connecting with the lineage that is your highest purpose

  • Activating their soul truth

I invite you to tune in and listen to what calls you.

If you are drawn to a specific land, temple or pyramid. Tune in. This is your Soul communicating to you that there is a connection for you to embody.

I look forward to walking with you!

We are walking in Sacred Pilgrimages and Opening New Ascension Codes within and for Humanity.

Join with us at lightpriestesstemple.com

Pilgrimages + Retreats and activate your highest soul destiny.

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