Jennifer Ashira Ra

Initiate  Your 

Highest Codes


The Time is Now to Initiate into Your Souls Highest  Divine Path

Are You Feeling there is a Next Step For you-

A Deep Calling for More within?

 But feel it requires for you to receive support.

A High Connection needed

Your Royal Crown of Light is wanting to Open again 

I am called to Activate Humanity to Open the New Golden Age on Earth.

Especially The Leaders, Wayshowerrs ,  Initiators and Kings + Queens

to embody and connect to their Souls High Crystalline Divine Template.

So you re-activate Your Wisdoms + Your Confidence

to  then go out + activate others to their highest light.

And together BE the Light of the New Age.

The Light your soul has always been.

You may feel a calling to work in this direction + with me .

I Initiate + Activate souls who have already done the foundational work

in their lives + now want to Advance to

Their Unique Higher Wisdoms.

Their Higher Mastery + Gifts.

Their Higher Self. Blueprint.

In the Aquarian Age,

No Longer do we pray or ask our " Higher Self" .

But the higher self we used to feel was outside of us

is now looking out from Our eyes.

Support and channelled connection may feel

like the next step on Your path of Oneness.

If You feel called for a 1:1 Initiation.

I am honored + blessed that we are meeting again .







2 -  90 Minute sessions online on Zoom 

about 2-4 weeks apart so you can fully integrate

$444 usd


1st Session - The Initiation into the Healing, the Light Codes +

Lineages of Your Highest Soul. ...

2nd Session - The Activation of the Codes, Visions and

Sacred Knowledge that opened in Session 1

Much Love to You!

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