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2:2 Aquarius Gate: Golden Portal of New Beginnings

Updated: Jan 30, 2023



This is a Golden Gateway of Your New Beginnings, Action and New Foundation for the rest of this incarnation.

I know that's alot to say.

But this is what I am being shown.

We just passed through the Aquarius New Moon and Sun

at 1 degree and Mars at 1 degree. Holding the 5 Initations of the Goddesses Ceremony - was so huge and incredible! All the downloads and breakthroughs everyone is sharing they received is just next level.

1 is the numerology of New Beginnings and New Cycles.

New Moons are the space to create and plant your new intention and vision to harvest at the full moon. With Mars creating new passionate, direct action now.

What did you vision or set in motion on the New Moon & Sun?

What are you calling in?

This is setting the tone and your field for what is coming up next

2:2 Aquarius Gate - FEB 2.

This Gateway opening and aligning you with the Aquarian Age energies of union, freedom, technology and transparency.

The Aquarius Gate opens 3 days before on Jan 31 crests on February 2nd and closes on February 5th.

The Aquarius Gate is when the Circular flow of the time spiral brings you to the point exactly 6 months opposite the Lions Gate portal of August 8th. Lions gate is when the Sirius star aligns with the Sun over the Pyramid at Giza opening the new incoming energies In the great stellar circle.

This is the Portal Gateway when the 2nd Spiral of the sacred year opens up the New Cycle of manifestation. Creating the Golden infinity symbol "8"' flowing between both gates.: FEB 2 + AUG 8.

As You Awaken, Reconnect with & Remember who you truly are.

Opening your New Beginnings and New Foundation this golden new year.

Are you calling in Twin Flame, next level Soul Relationships?

This is the union portal 2:2 Activating this New Divine co-partnering .

The Aquarius Air Sign and the space holder of the Water Bearer is Opening up New Gateways for you.

Preparing you for all that is coming in...

But what is the most important

aspect happening?

Right now You are laying the new divine foundation for your life this year extending into 2024.

The New Golden Creation frequencies - Solar'Ra Codes are opening - and will fully activate within our Upcoming Offerings ...

Helping you to Fully Create this Opening g and New Foundation.

Golden: the highest level above Diamond and Crystalline Energies which are the bridge frequencies helping take you from

Carbon to Light -- reaching Golden Light.

What i've been shown is everything up till now has been practice.

No matter how accomplished it seemed.

in past few months have you been given new ways, next level instructions or intuitive knowings?

or you feel something is coming?

This is the New Foundation and Energies that are ready and calling you.

To fully step into your Highest Timelines, Highest Purpose and Soul Path.

This Year is your upward Trajectory taking you into

your highest timelines and soul path.

From last years, the deep underworld healing journey and dark v light revealing itself.

Which is Just the collective oneness showing all of its sides.

But now all the practice, soul work and deep healing is asking you to

now step into the arena.

Your soul's highest path.

Releasing the fears, the doubt and the next level soul call that is speaking through you.


Walk with us .

Connect with Soultribe who are also waking this path.

Are You Feeling the Call ?

Activate Your Soul's Highest Destiny

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FEB 24-26. 2023

2;2 art by: cosmic_svasti

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