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We are a Community of Light. Activating and Re-Awakening the Ancient Lineage of the Temples . The Priestess Sisterhood. A safe space to share and connect. To Open Your Highest Mastery and  Timeline. 

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jennıfer ashıra ra

Jennifer Ashira Ra -  Left her Successful Fashion Clothing Brand that she built  on her own. 

To Follow her Sous Divine Mission.  

Activating the Leaders , Wayshowers and Humanity.

To Create The  New Community of Light.

It's a big mission . And her  Passion.

Her passion and soul purpose is to Activate the New Light Codes within Humanity.

Bringing back the highest divine secret wisdoms held within each person.

Which creates the New Golden Age on Earth. 


Her name meaning "Giver of the Codes".

Jennifer is a Mastery Channel + New Age Leader. She has traveled and lived in the sacred sites on Earth in  India  Peru, Bali and the Americas to accelerate the Openings and bring

in the New Age. 


Sacred Sisterhood
the new communıty
of light

We hold Gatherings, Activations, Circles ,Retreats for Women + Men and 

Private 1:1 Initiations.

To Activate, and Rebirth the Highest Masteries and Codes within You.