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Sacred Site Transmission from the the Golden Pyramids of Light in

Lesvos, Greece 


ACTIVATE Your New 9D Golden Codes of Light.


Receive the New Codes of the

New Golden Age from the Magical Golden Island Portal

of Lesvos, Greece.


JOURNEY with Us to the 16 Golden Pyramids of Light, 

The Golden Temple of the Suntribe and Throne of the New Sun Queen.


BELOVED Keepers + Holders of the New Light.

Be Initiated into the Highest Golden Light and Ancient Wisdoms - held within

the inner-sanctum of the Golden Pyramids and Golden Temple of Light.

Kept in Secrecy and Safekeeping for 1000s of years. 

Opening Again Now within Our Ceremony 

from this Sacred Portal of Lesvos, Greece.

REBIRTHING the New Humankind of Light.

The New Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine for the Golden Age 

 Coming Together Virtually we Amplify the New Codes for All Beings and 

Co-Create the New Earth .

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JOURNEY through the Portal Initiation Ceremony 

to the Highest Realms, the Golden Pyramids + Golden Sun Temple of Light 


9 - the Numerology symbol of Completion. Signals the opening 

for a New Cycle and New Beginnings.

Your New 9D Transformation.


This Day is the Sacred Opening for these phrophesied 

New Energies to Return again.

The Full 9D Multi-Dimensional Codes Template

Your Divine Vortex of Completion and New Beginnings. 


We will be joined by the Highest Beings of Light-

Father Ra, Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Apollo, Aphrodite,

The Golden Temple Angelic Realms and more....



Your Soul has Led you Here.

Beloved Feel the Call




  • Live Channeled Codes Transmission of the 16 Golden Pyramids of Light

  •  Crystal Voice Sound Healing 

  • Golden Pyramids and Temple of Light Codes Initiation 

  • 9D New Advanced Upgrades

  • Re-Activate the New Golden Gridlines of Earth

  • Joy

  • Abundance

  • Clarity of Your Unique Souls Destiny + Purpose

  • Your Higher Timelines Opening





  $30 usd  

You will Receive Full Initiation 



The Magical Portal of Lesvos, Greece 

Immerse in the Golden Frequency of the Land, The Temples + the Golden Royal Codes of Light 

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Jennifer ashira ra

DSC03586_000 2 2.jpeg

Jennifer Activates Humanity's New Light Codes,

 Priestess Initiation and Mastery Facilitator.

She s called to Gather the Leaders & Wayshowers

 for the New Age of Light. 

Name means Giver of Codes.


She Embodies & Channels the Divine lineages of Isis, Magdalene, Avalon, Sekhmet, Rose Lineage, SunTribe, Councils of Light and the Sacred Feminine, Sacred Union. The Divine Mystery Schools of the Ages. 


High Priestess of the Temple of Isis, Daughter + Partner of RA, High Priestess of Avalon,  Throne of the Sun Queen, Â High Priestess of the Temples of Lemuria, Knossos Crete. 

Creatrix of Online Community Light Priestess Temple +

The Crystal Temple in Ubud, Bali 


Activating the Codes of Union throughout the Ages. Bringing in the higher dimensions 

forthe New Golden Age on Earth.

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