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2022 The Golden New Year Ahead on Spiritually Raw

2022 the New Golden Age, Golden Year, High Council of Light- LIVE on Spiritually Raw

The Ascended Masters Interview with Kendra & Jennifer Ashira Ra

Watch the Ascended Master Interview all about my Ascension Path

2022 The Trinity of New Union Golden Year.  Golden Life.

The New Openings and Light activating this year on Earth. Learn about 2022 the Golden Year + Activate Your New Golden Life

The Codes of Ra New Leaders of Light Training 1

The Code of Ra New Leaders of Light Training 1. The New Leadership Codes for the New Golden Age. Certification Programme

Galactic Heart Breath Transmission. Divine Codes of Union

Journey to Pure Source. Relax . Open . Awaken.  Your Highest Light. To Your Highest Light with this New Guided Meditation Transmission 

Tour the Temple of isis, Philae Egypt Video Tour the Sacred Site

Walk the Sacred Temple Corridors. Visit the Inner-Sanctum of the Temple of Isis, Philae Egypt. Walk the Path of the Priest + Priestess.

Highest Priestess of the New Golden Age

Path of High Priestess Souls Highest Lineage. Activate + Accelerate Your Highest Souls Path + Your Souls Unique Destiny


What is the New Golden Age? 2022 golden year road map

Your Highest Ascension path And Practices. How can you Access and Be a part of the New Energies and Light Opening Now? Check out this Video .


New Sacred Union, Twin Flames + Divine Relationship

New Sacred Union + Divine Relationships . Amazing Sacred Conversation Jennifer Ashira Ra + Akashic Channel Marcia Canestrano


In-Loveness Heart Activation. BE the In Love Magnetic Field

In-Loveness Heart Activation. Manifest and Create the Future you Want and All Your Dreams! being in love with all that you do + Offer in the World .