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JOURNEY to the Temple of the Golden Sun.

ACTIVATE the New 9D Golden Union for the
New Age of Light on Earth
The New Creation Codes

The New Humankind of Light + the New Earth Template for the New Golden Age.

 Leaders of Light + Wayshowers are called to come Together Now.

Feel the Call- Your Soul Has Led You Here. 

BRING in the New Light and the New Golden Union. 

UNIFY The New Humankind with the New Earth Template of the New Golden Age.

AMPLIFY the New Codes within You + For All Humanity.

We will Join Together the Global Soultribe Community on this Double Portal Gateway of the New Golden Frequencies of Source Light. 

The New Heaven on Earth Codes - Gridding, Amplifying  and Fully Opening within You.

For Our  Sacred Gathering 

We are Joined by the Ascended Masters, 9D Queens + Kings, Goddess Iiss, Father RA, Sekhmet, Yeshua, Archangel Gabriel + Raphael and the Highest Golden Beings of Light.

 Join Master Sound Healers + Leaders of the New Age.
  • Jennifer Ashira Ra - Divine Channel + Giver of Codes

  • Malyssa Harelson - Magdalene White Rose Priestess + Divine Feminine Healer

  • Belinda Pearl - Crystal Sound Alchemist, Spiritual; Guide + Akashic Artist

  • Laura Rose - Vocal Embodiment Pioneer + International Sacred Musician

Each Transmission within the 1-Day Immersion 

Will Accelerate + Alchemize Your Field for Your Highest Souls Destiny.

Creating the New Union

 The Re-Birth of Heaven on Earth Codes within You

And for all Mankind.

The New Golden Codes for Earth - held in secret for1000s of Ages.

Now Dispensated by Source to Activate + Open within Our Ceremony.

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 Gather with Us for the Virtual Self - Guided 1-Day Immersion from the 
 Sacred Rose Quartz Vortex of La Jolla, CA.

Join for the Double Temple Sessions or just One

From Wherever You are on the Planet!


Temple Session I

Activate the New11:11 Golden Stargate Heaven on Earth Codes  

Temple Session II

Amplify and Grid the New 11:11 Codes 

within You and for All Humanity 




Heaven on Earth Codes Activation


  • LIVE Channelled 11:11 Heaven on Earth Activation

  • 11:11 Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Transmission

  • Golden Light Language Embodiment + Anointing 

  • 9D Expanded Golden Light Body 

  • Quantum Healing

  • Ascended Masters Golden Transmission

  • New Golden Age Crystal Bowl of Light Sound Healing in 432hz



11:11 Amplification + Gridding of the New Codes Envisioning Circle



  • Gridding of the New 11:11 Light Codes Transmission

  • Guided New Codes Integration

  • 11:11 Vocal Empowrement + Sound Healing Journey 

  • Sharing 

  • Clarity + Connection

  • LIVE New Earth Union + Amplification Ceremony 

  • Co-Create + Envisioning the New Humanity



You will Receive the Full


Our Location La Jolla, Ca. 

Our Location La Jolla, Ca. 


MEET the  Activation PRESENTERS

Jennifer Ashira Ra

LIVE Channeled Transmission, Full Golden Codes Activation + Envisoning Immersion.

Activate your highest Codes of Light. Re-birth the New Golden Union. The New Humankind of Light with the New Golden Earth Template for All. 

Malyssa Harelson
Malyssa harelson

Experience the Divine Hallen of Magdalane White Rose Priestess with Sound, Light Language + Anoionting to Open Your Field and Energetic Bodies for the New Codes to Activate.

Embody + Ascend through the New Divine Feminine.

Laura Rose
Laura Rose

Vibrational Alignment Sound Journey

Receive the New Empowering Sonic Frequency of Infinite Liberation and Pure Freedom. 

Be Transported by International Musician + Holder of the Ancient Embodied Codes of the Divine. 

Belinda Pearl
belında pearl

11:11 Cosmic Crystaline Bowl Sound Healing Transmission

Immerse in the Highest Golden Realm of the Light, Frequency of Goddess Isis + the Temples of Gold with her Soul Alchemy of Pure Source.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Journey Supporting Your Codes Activation of Pure Light


We are Called to Open the Highest

New Template Codes of Union on Earth.


The New Humankind of Light that Activated on the 555 Portal May 5, 2021

at the Temple of Isis in Egypt .

And continued to Open the New Codes for the New Age of Light .

Now YOU have Reached the Main Golden Stargate.

The Double 1's of New Beginnings. 

11 - the Angelic Master Number of Newness + the Highest Illumination .

11:11 is a double channel.

The  Double- Shows the Universe is aligning.  

Supporting all dreams to become reality.

A Portal of Divine Manifestation and Cosmic Abundance. 

11:11-- IS the Divine Stargate for the Incoming New Energies

and New Codes to enter Earth and Open within You.

In the Session II

We will Physically Grid within Gaia + the 9D -12D Realms of Light.

Unifying the New Humankind Light Codes with the

New Earth Template for the New Golden Age.


Only by coming Together

 Polarity + Separation of the Piscean and Aries Ages are Now Fully Dissolving .


REPLACED with the Golden Union of Oneness .

Pure Source - Your Souls Sovereign Birthright + Your Truest Home. 


JOIN with Us in the Temple of the Golden Sun. 

The New Community of Light.


Open the New Golden Codes for the Next Million Years.

Step through the Golden Gateway into the New Age

Heaven on Earth. 

The New Golden Age Bowl of Light in 432hz.

Immerse in the 4 Alchemy Crystal Bowl of Lemuria, Mt Shasta Serpentine, Rose Lineage, Platinum +

Rose Ocean Gold. 

The New Divine Union of Oneness. 

about Jennifer ashira ra


Jennifer Activates Humanity's New Light Codes, High Priestess Initiation and Mastery Facilitator.

She s called to Gather the Leaders  & Wayshowers for the New Age of Light. 


Her Name means Giver of Codes.


She Embodies & Channels the Divine lineages of Source-, Isis, Mary Magdalene, Avalon, Sekhmet, Rose Lineage, SunTribe, Councils of Light and the Sacred Feminine, Sacred Union.The Divine Mystery Schools of the Ages. 


High Priestess of the Temple of Isis, Daughter + Partner of RA, High Priestess of Avalon, Throne of the New Sun Queen,  High Priestess of the Temple of Lemuria.


Creatrix of the Online Community Light Priestess Temple +

The Crystal Temple in Ubud, Bali 


She Travels the World- Activating the Codes of Union throughout the Ages. 

Bringing in the higher dimensions for the New Golden Age on Earth.

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