The Council of 12 Ascended Masters: Who They Are and What They Can Do for You

Updated: Aug 10

The Council of 12 Ascended Masters

On your journey to learn about spiritual matters of Ascension, energy healing, and archangels, chances are you've stumbled on the term "Ascended Masters" before.

There are many of these nonphysical teachers, and they're known as the Council of 12 Ascended Masters. Many believe in their existence and the help and guidance these beings provide.

But who are the Council of 12 Ascended Masters?

What is their role in the spiritual world, and how can they help you on your path to enlightenment?

These are some questions our Mastery Channel and New Age Leader, Jennifer Ashira Ra, will answer in this blog post from Light Priestess Temple.

Table of Contents:

What are Ascended Masters?

Who is The Council of 12 Ascended Masters?

What is Their Role in the Spiritual World?

12 Ascended Masters and How Each Can Help

Jesus Christ - The Messiah, Lord, and Savior

The Mother Mary - The Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Buddha - The Awakened or Enlightened One

Krishna - The Divine One

Melchizedek - The King of Righteousness

El Morya - The Master of God's will

Merlin - The Magician, The Guide

Serapis Bey - The High Priest of Atlantis, The Ascension Flame to Luxor

Quan Yin - The Listener of Prayers

Which Ascended Master is Your Guide?

Connecting with the Ascended Masters

In Conclusion

What are Ascended Masters?

Many different types of spiritual beings exist in the unseen realms, each with unique gifts and purposes.

Among these are the ascended masters, who are the highest-vibrational and most enlightened beings in the spiritual hierarchy.

Ascended Masters are beings of pure love and light who have transcended past fear, doubt, and negativity.

They exist in a state of constant bliss and radiate their love into the Universe, surpassing spirit guides and guardian angels.

Who is The Council of 12 Ascended Masters?

Within the many Ascended Masters are those who are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to guiding humanity.

These higher beings oversee the direction of humanity, many of which once walked upon the earth realm.

These enlightenment guides are the Council of 12 Ascended Masters, One of the highest governing bodies in the spiritual hierarchy. They represent the different races, creeds, and lineages of the this galaxy.

There are many Councils of Light within the Universe.

That you may work with and are Your Loving Ascended Support Team.

This is just one example.


Examples of who make up the Council of 12 Ascended Masters are:

  • Jesus Christ

  • The Mother Mary

  • El Morya

  • Melchizedek

  • Buddha

  • Krishna

  • Quan Yin

  • Serapis Bey

  • Merlin

These are only a few of the most well-known ascended masters. There are many, many more.

For example, Mary Magdalene is one of the main oversouls for the first 1000 years of this Age we are currently in now - The Aquarian Age.

Her Beloved Yeshua - the Divine Masculine Christ was a main oversoul of the Age we just left in 2012 the Piscean Age.

It's believed that every one of us has our own personal ascended master guiding and helping us on our spiritual journey.

I know that I work daily with the Suntribe of Golden Beings- Father ra, Isis, Horus, Osiris , Sekhmet and many others. The Original Creators of this Galaxy with Source + these planets we call our solar system.

What is Their Role in the Spiritual World?

While the roles of the many Ascended Masters differ, their goals are consistent:

assisting humanity in its Ascension and raising our consciousness to the spiritual energies that exist throughout the Universe.

12 Ascended Masters and How Each Can Help

There are numerous Ascended Masters who continue to live in the hearts of those they have helped along their journey to enlightenment.

Some are beings who've lived more recently and are well-known, while others are more ancient and have been forgotten with time.

The Ascended Masters are described as having a very angelic vibration.

They differ from angels, however, in that they have lived life on Earth and "walked in our shoes.

" They have faced difficulties, just like we have. But the difference is that they've already learned from them.

Now, these masters have reached complete Ascension and are living as one with their God presence:

YESHUA ,Jesus Christ - The Messiah, Lord, and Savior

Jesus is regarded as the only Son of God.

He descended to Earth due to the incomprehensible love of God for His creation.

He led a life filled with temptations, just like all other humans.

But he fought against the flesh's desires and overcame natural inclinations, proving himself to be a model human being.

Jesus Christ helps with: direct communication with God, Divine direction and guidance, faith concerns and questions, forgiveness, seeing the beauty within, physical healing of all kinds, manifestation, and miracles.

Mother Mary - The Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Before the event of her life with Jesus, Mary, the beloved mother, ascended more than two thousand years ago.

In her ascent to the heavens, she was a female who lived a nomadic existence in the Community oof the Essenes. And was of the Royal House off David. I know her as the reincarnation of Goddess Isis.

Some accounts report, She left her tribe of Essenes to become a wanderer after several failed attempts to find a husband. Mary took refuge in a cave, where she dwelled in solitude and prayer until her Ascension. She returned to give birth as the Virgin Mary- through Light Conception, She is also known as the holy vessel that carried the Son of God (Jesus Christ).

The Mother Mary helps with: adopting children, child-related issues, support for those who help kids, fertility, mercy, grace, compassion, faith, miracles, and all forms of healing.

Buddha - The Awakened or Enlightened One

The Buddha lived as both a wealthy prince and a humble hermit.

To achieve happiness, he said that we should moderate everything.

According to his teachings, the key to happiness was living a "middle way" existence.

He also expounded on the idea of finding joy through inner peace. Meditation is one of his vital mental exercises.

Buddha helps with: achieving inner peace, world peace, balance, joy, moderation in life, spiritual growth, tolerance, compassion, acceptance of life's obstacles, and seeing the bigger picture in the journey and understanding of life.

Krishna - The Divine One

The Hindu Trinity consists of three gods: Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, who control the Earth's life cycles.

Krishna is considered to be Vishnu's eighth incarnation.

He is frequently portrayed as a lover who brings joy and happiness. Krishbas divine Consort is Radha. And I have been shown Krishan is an earlier soul incarnation of Yeshua.

Krishna helps with: relationships, romantic love, gardening, food purification, vegetarianism, and spiritual awakenings.

Melchizedek - The King of Righteousness

If The Mother Mary represents the Mother energy, Melchizedek embodies the completing Father energy.

Melchizedek's name means "king of righteousness."

He revealed himself through our dreams and meditations and was a significant figure in the Old Testament as the ultimate high priest.

His purpose is to bring the concepts of Universal Law to the oneness of all creation.

Melchizedek helps with: wrong perceptions, esoteric knowledge, purification, protection from psychic assaults, living color therapy, enlightenment, alchemy, miracles (transformation), and manifestations.

El Morya - The Master of God's will

El Morya is an ascended master based on a real, physical man who lived on Earth.

This man was named Ranbir Singh, the son of the ruler of Kashmir in the 1840s.

He is regarded as one of the most prominent saints in Christ's devotion to Him.

His teachings imply that you can't be disciplined on any other rays without a firm commitment to God's will.

El Morya helps with: decision-making, faith, fidelity to your convictions, stability, staying grounded, energy, and psychical protection.

Merlin - Th