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11:11 Stargate Golden Universes Sealing + Gridding Ceremony Live From Giza, Egypt

Greetings, Divine Souls and Light Beings,

I am Jennifer Ashira Ra, the Founder of Light Priestess Temple, extending an invitation to you – a calling from the universe itself – to join with us in the most transcendental event of this lifetime. On November 11, 2023, the celestial alignment of the year will occur, opening up what many lightworkers know as the 11:11 Stargate. During this mystical alignment we will be in Egypt to Activate the Golden Universes Stargate within our ceremony in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Afterwards we will travel back to our residence and grid and seal the codes. We will hold a Gridding + Sealing of the Codes Ceremony: the 11:11 Stargate Golden Universes Sealing + Gridding Ceremony with Kemetic Light Language Sound transmission. This ceremony will take place LIVE from Giza, Egypt, in the very heart of ancient wisdom and light.

What is The 11:11 Stargate?

The number 11:11 is a universal code, a cosmic signature, symbolizing the unification of spiritual and physical realms. It is a portal to higher dimensions, connecting us to the web of golden universes. As this Stargate opens on November 11, a flood of golden light energy will pour into Earth, offering us an opportunity to activate the original Golden Universes Stargate, key lines, original codes within the Temples and Pyramids of Light.

The Ceremony Explained

On 11:11 We will be in sacred ceremony within the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, forming a circle of unity and holding sacred energy that we have created within our 10 Day Pilgrimage. With High Activations you must seal and grid the work within the leylines of earth, the sacred temples and pyramids and seal with Divine Light and Protection. We will grid this new golden Stargate with our amplified field and hearts connected as one. Our collective intentions will serve as an amplifier, enhancing the vibrational frequencies of this sacred land. As we activate the source codes and as lightworkers channelling source light codes, directing this cosmic energy Activate the Golden Universes Stargate. The original golden realm of creator source. These activations will seal and grid the New Earth’s energetic field, aligning it with the golden universes.

Why Cairo, Egypt?

Egypt has been a cradle of ancient wisdom and holds the key to the universal grid of golden energy. The pyramids serve as gigantic energy transmitters and high initiation chambers. Connecting the universal energy flow , balancing and harmonizing the energies from the universe to our Earthly plane. What better place to perform this ceremony than at the very center?

The Benefits for Humanity and Earth

Feel the Call, By joining in this sacred 11:11 Stargate Golden Universes Sealing + Gridding Ceremony, you are transforming your soul’s evolution and helping to open the New Golden Age on Earth. Here are the benefits for both humanity and Earth:


1. Global Energy Alignment:  The activation of golden key lines will bring a new level of energetic harmony to the Earth, aligning it with higher dimensions.


2. Healing Vibrations:  The ceremony will emit powerful vibrations that could lead to mass healing, both on an individual and collective scale. Diseases, both physical and spiritual, may find relief through these higher vibrations.


3. Cultural Reconnection:  The activation of ancient Temples and Pyramids of Light serves to reconnect us with ancient wisdom and the original lineage of light, bridging the gaps between the past, present and future.


4. Christ Grid Restoration:  The illuminated Christ energy grid carries the codes of oneness of the universe leads to a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, reverses ages of inversions and lower frequency promoting environmental healing and restoration.


5. Personal Transformation: Experience a quantum leap in your personal spiritual development, activating your soul gifts and aligning closer with your life’s purpose.


6. Ignition of the Golden Universe of Union:  The ceremony will ignite a Golden Universe of Union within each participant. This means an integration of your higher self with your Earthly existence, leading to a balanced and fulfilling life. It begins within you!


7. Promotion of Global Unity:  By gathering (physically or virtually) from all over the world in oneness for a common, spiritual purpose, the ceremony serves as a vortex of unity and peace, illuminating humanity to the next level of consciousness.


8. Transcendental Wisdom: Opening the 11:11 Stargate and participating in the ceremony gives you access to your higher wisdom and cosmic truths, allowing for greater understanding and enlightenment on your path.


9. Elevation of Collective Consciousness: As each individual undergoes transformation and healing, the collective consciousness of humanity will also be elevated, making way for the next stage more peaceful and compassionate world.


10. Acceleration of Ascension Process: This sacred gridding ceremony accelerates both individual and collective ascension processes, activating humanity closer to a dimensional shift into higher realms of existence. This is Stargate Ascension. It’s the next level for you opening now.


Are you a lightworker or a soul newly awakened to your cosmic call? We are calling the creators, wayshowers, and Leaders of the New Golden Age to join with us on 111:11 to come together as one and seal and grid the Golden Universes Stargate. Your participation in this 11:11 Stargate Golden Universes Sealing + Gridding Ceremony offers next level benefits that will activate the opening of the New Golden Age.

How to Participate

Even if you can’t join us physically in Giza, you can be a part of this monumental event from anywhere in the world. We will be live-streaming the Gridding + Sealing ceremony, be with us in spirit before while we are in the Kings Chamber activating the Stargate syncing your meditations and intentions with ours at the exact moment of the 11:11 Stargate opening.

Are you feeling the soul call? Are you ready to step into your role as a lightworker, Wayshower and activator for the Opening of the New Golden Age on Earth? Then join us for this sacred event from Egypt and be part of the Golden Universes Sealing + Gridding Ceremony.

Your heart, soul, and the universe are calling you.

Take your place within the sacred circle of the Lightworkers activating the Stargates of the New Age on Earth.


All My Love.

Jennifer Ashira Ra

Light Priestess Temple

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