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Divine Feminine Rising: Embrace the Awakening of Sacred Feminine Energy

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The divine feminine has been suppressed and forgotten for ages as a powerful force. With the New Golden Age opening the new energies the Divine Feminine are rising to restore balance and birth the new higher consciousness again. Are You feeling the Call of something more? Women are awakening path and becoming more aware of their powers, intuition and wisdoms. They are reclaiming their sacred feminine energy and using it to impact the world in a new way.

If you are feeling held back from sharing your message or standing in your truth, Light Priestess Temple has community, connection, events and sisterhood to support you on yoir sacred path.

Welcome to Light Priestess Temple, a sacred space dedicated to honoring and celebrating the Divine Feminine rising. Dive deep into the study of divine feminine emergence and discover the transformative power it possesses for you and the for the collective. Join us as we explore the stages, symptoms, and magic of the divine feminine rising.


Beloved Together, let us unlock the ancient wisdom and radiance of the sacred feminine within.


What is Divine Feminine?


The Divine Feminine is an energy that cannot be seen or heard but can be felt. It is the Shakti - the Mother the creative force within. Feminine energy exists in all living things on Earth, including the ocean, moon, and trees.


The Divine Feminine within you is wild, free, and untamed. She disregards society's unwritten rules and boundaries, rises above them, and forges her path. She is unafraid to speak her truth, embrace her sexuality, and present herself fully and authentically.


The Divine Feminine trusts her intuition and allows it to guide her. She pursues the cyclical rhythms of the moon, the seasons, and the wheel. She recognizes the sanctity of life and has faith that all of her needs will be met.


She is a natural healer and feels deep energies moving through her. She is the Creatrisse, birthing new energies and new ways of being for her community. Guiding them, she is the honey connecting her community. She is the conduit bringing the divine energies into the physical.


This is your true feminine nature. Even if this does not resonate with the woman you are today, the Divine Feminine remains within you, patiently waiting to be embraced.


The Divine Feminine Rising: Is The Sacred Awakening


The divine feminine rising encompasses the collective awakening of feminine energy in individuals and society. It is a powerful movement that calls for restoring balance, nurturing, and harmony in a world that has long favored the masculine energies. As the divine feminine rises, it brings forth qualities such as compassion, intuition, creativity, and collaboration, creating a more sustainable and harmonious existence for all.

Divine Feminine Rising Stages: Embracing the Awakening

Divine Feminine Rising Stages: Embracing the Awakening

These are the Stages and their Significance:


Stage 1 - Awakening and Recognition

The first stage of divine feminine rising is the recognition of a deeper calling within, a stirring of sacred feminine energy. A remembrance of walking in a temple, a vision or wisdoms begin opening within you. It is a profound awakening to your divinity and the glory of the need to reconnect with the feminine aspects of oneself and the world


Stage 2 - Embracing Vulnerability and Authenticity


Individuals at this stage embark on a journey of embracing vulnerability and authenticity. They courageously shed societal conditioning and masks, revealing your true essence. By embracing vulnerability, you access the divine feminine energy's well-spring of authentic power. Your truest essence


Stage 3 - Reclaiming Intuition and Wisdom


The rebirth of the divine feminine ushers in the rediscovery of your intuition, oracle abilities, healing powers and deep wisdom. You learn to trust their inner guidance, reconnect with your intuitive gifts, and access the profound understanding that arises from within them.


This stage invites a profound shift in perspective, allowing you to make decisions that align with their highest truth as priestess and wise woman.


Stage 4 - Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine Energies


Divine feminine rising is not about rejecting the divine masculine energy but coming into sacred union within and with others. This stage involves embracing the divine masculine qualities of direction, holding space and leading within oneself creating a harmonious integration of both.


The balance between the masculine and feminine within allows for a holistic expression of your authentic power and nurtures the creation of a more balanced and harmonious world.


Divine Feminine Rising Symptoms:


you may experience various symptoms that indicate the unfolding of this transformative process. Some common symptoms include:

• Heightened Sensitivity - Sensitivity to energies, emotions, and the environment increases as the divine feminine energy awakens. Individuals become more attuned to the subtle nuances of their inner world and the world around them.


• Deep Emotional Healing - The rising of the divine feminine brings forward a journey of profound healing of emotional wounds. Priestess , Sisterhood, Mother and Father Wounds may come up for healing. You may find yourself revisiting past woundings, memories and emotions, allowing their release and restoring emotional well-being. The Path of the Divine Feminine is to Honor them, Feel them all this allows them to fully release.


• Heightened Intuition - Intuition becomes a guiding force as the divine feminine energy awakens. Individuals experience a deepening connection to their inner knowing and intuitive gifts, which offer guidance and clarity on their life's path.


• Creativity and Expression - The divine feminine energy inspires creativity and selfexpression. Individuals may find themselves drawn to creative pursuits, such as art, writing, dance, or music, to channel their inner wisdom and truth.


Other Symptoms include

• Chills

• Headaches

• Fatigue

• Hot flashes

• Old Feelings Resurfacing

• Emotional Release


The rising of the Divine Feminine is a rising of the feminine aspects within all of us, no matter what gender you identify with. We are called to balance the dominant masculine qualities that have been in control for centuries. We are being asked to shift our reliance on our left hemispheres (our analytical, logical, systematic way of thinking) to our right hemispheres (our intuitive, creative, fluid way of feeling).


It is a shift from control to surrender, ego to intuition, head to heart, competition to collaboration, and hierarchy to community.


How to Connect with Divine Feminine Energy?

Connecting with divine feminine energy is a sacred and transformative process. Here are some practices to deepen your connection:


• Cultivate Self-Care Rituals - Embody self-care and create sacred rituals that honor your mind, body, and spirit. This includes mindful meditation, journaling, gentle movement, or time in nature. These rituals allow you to nourish and connect with your inner divine feminine essence.


• Honoring the Sacred Feminine Archetypes - Explore and study the sacred feminine archetypes that resonate with you, such as the nurturing mother, the wise crone, or the sensual goddess. Embrace the qualities and wisdom they embody, integrating them into your daily life and spiritual practice.


• Sacred Feminine Rituals - Engage in Goddess gathrituals to deepen your connection with divine feminine energy. This may involve creating altars, performing moon ceremonies, or practicing womb-healing habits. These rituals provide a sacred space to honor and invoke the power of the divine feminine within you.


• Exploring Sacred Texts &Teachings - Delve into ancient wisdom texts and teachings highlighting the divine feminine. Study the stories of goddesses from different cultures and explore their symbolism and significance. Allow these teachings to inspire and guide you on your journey of divine feminine awakening.


• Sisterhood & Community - Seek out women's circles, spiritual communities, or online groups dedicated to exploring divine feminine energy. Surround yourself with supportive sisters who understand and celebrate the rising of the sacred feminine. Engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing experiences, and supporting each other on this transformative path.

How does Light Priest Temple help in Rising Divine Feminine Energy?


WE HELP YOU RISE! Regardless of your resistance to change, we force you to rise; we allow divine power to grow through our training sessions, courses, and other means. With Jennifer Ashira's Code Activations the divine feminine is rising, You will begin living Your souls purpose, destiny and activate your soul gifts. By coming together and no longer walking alone you will open your next level soul evolution.


This new awakening power is the sacred potential that will be a massive disruption in the old 3D world, breaking down systems, and the internalization of archaic beliefs. The Divine Feminine strength fuels equality, inclusion, more compassion and rights for animals, ethical and sustainable choices, and deepening in your priestess path and divine feminine leadership.


Sharing aloud, Oh yes, she is rising.


Our offerings are specifically designed to nurture and empower the awakening of the sacred feminine energy:

✓ Priestess Training and Initiations

✓ Light Temple Collective Membership

✓ Divine Feminine Awakening Code Activations

✓ Online Priestess + Leadership Course

✓ Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals


Join Light Priest Temple: Awaken the Divine Feminine Within!


Light Priestess Temple invites you to join our community and embark on a profound journey of divine feminine rising. Awaken the sacred feminine energy within you, embrace your authentic power and more fully contribute to the collective restoration of balance and harmony. We Rise Together!


Led by Jennifer Ashira RA and supported by a loving sisterhood, LightPriestessTemple.com will Unlock your sacred Potential and Activate your Highest Destiny!

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