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Mary Magdalene: Embodying the Divine Feminine

Mary Magdalene her energy and life opened the path of the Destiny of Divine Feminine Energy that is now activating and rising again on Earth.

She was one of Yeshua’s closest followers who played a crucial role in the early teachings. She is often depicted as a weeping woman at the foot of the cross, but she was a powerful woman who was known for her compassion, intuition, and creativity. Much is now opening up about Mary Magdalene and who she truly was, the co-atomic partner of Yeshua. She was the Feminine Christ and apostle of apostles.

Wife and partner to Yeshua and Mother to Sara and one more child. She was from a wealthy family and funded Yeshuas 3 years of Ministry during 30-33 AD.

Her Uncle is the wealthy merchant Joseph of Arimathea. She was a part of the Essenes with Yeshua. Her simple and true teachings of Yeshua’s teachings of Love and Pure Union became the Cathar movement of Southern France until about 1300 AD. Where she traveled to after Yeshua ascended.

Their Royal Christ lineage is the Merovingian line of Kings + Queens of Europe.


The Magdalene path of embodying your Divine Feminine energy and power is rebirthing within humanity again. The message of love and love for others was the simple and deep teachings of Mary and Yeshua.


Mary Magdalene is a powerful role model for all who are seeking to awaken their Divine Feminine energy. She embodies the qualities of the Divine Feminine, which include:

  • Love

  • Power

  • Compassion

  • Intuition

  • Creativity

  • Wisdom

Are you connected to Mary Magdalene’s energy? We welcome you to Light Priest Temple, where we directly channel the timeless wisdom and transformative path of Mary Magdalene. Walk with us into the sacred essence of Mary Magdalene, the chosen one who embodies the Divine Feminine that is activating again in a wave within humanity.

Explore her significance, her energy, and the profound impact she has had on women throughout history. Join us on a journey of connection, empowerment, and self-discovery as we explore Mary Magdalene and the power of the sacred feminine.

She walked the modern-day path of wife, healer, lover, and daughter…She Misunderstood and even envied for her sacred partnership with Yeshua. Her journey 2000 years ago, relates so deeply to our path today as modern women on our spiritual paths that can challenge us at every level. She understands, she walked it too.

Mary Magdalene – The Chosen One: How Do You See Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is a living symbol of Divine Feminine love, sacred wisdom, and spiritual transformation. Throughout history, many have viewed Mary Magdalene as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, recognizing her as a chosen one with a unique role to play in the unfolding of spiritual consciousness.


Mary Magdalene, The Chosen One:

  • A Beacon of Unconditional Love - Mary Magdalene embodies the power of unconditional love, representing the transformative and healing energy that arises from a place of deep compassion and acceptance. Women see her as a guiding light, inspiring them to embrace love as a transformative force in their own lives and in the world.


  • An Epitome of Spiritual Resilience - Mary Magdalene's story exemplifies resilience in the face of adversity. Despite societal judgment and challenges, she remained devoted to her spiritual path and committed to embodying the Divine Feminine energy. You can draw strength from her example, finding inspiration to persevere in their own spiritual journeys and overcome obstacles with grace and authenticity.


  • A Model of Divine Feminine Partnership - Mary Magdalene's relationship with Yeshua represents a profound example of Divine Feminine partnership. You may see in her a model of equal and sacred union, highlighting the importance of honoring both masculine and feminine energies within themselves and their relationships.


Her partnership with Yeshua reflects the potential for harmonious collaboration and the integration of Divine Feminine energies as we enter the Aquarian Age. The Age of Union.


  • An Advocate for the Sacred Feminine - Mary Magdalene's presence and teachings emphasize the importance of honoring and reclaiming the power of the sacred feminine. Your Feelings, Your Body and Your Sexuality are your pathways to the Divine Feminine. She is an advocate for the inherent wisdom, intuition, and nurturing qualities that reside within every woman and man.


Her story encourages all to embrace their Divine Feminine essence and step into their authentic power again.

Mary Magdalene and The Divine Feminine Energy: Embracing Her Wisdom

Mary Magdalene stands today as a beacon of Divine Feminine energy, offering profound teachings and wisdom to those who seek to connect with their own sacred feminine essence.

The elements of the Rose and Chalice illuminate how Mary embodies Divine Feminine energy.

Rose - The colors of deep Red and Rose. The Rose is the highest frequency flower on Earth. Symbol of the sacred female yoni and the rose petal orbit of Venus in the Sky. Rose Lineage and Rose Mystica teaching of the Divine Feminine are activating now in a wave of remembrance.

Chalice - Is the living symbol of the womb and birth canal in all women, The holy chalice and the grail prophecy live within her and within you.


Unconditional Love & Compassion

Mary Magdalene embodies the essence of unconditional love and compassion. Her presence reminds us of the transformative power of love and the healing that arises from a heart-centered approach to life. By connecting with Mary Magdalene's energy, individuals can cultivate a deeper sense of love and compassion for themselves and others. Tune into your breath and melt into your sacred heart. Call on Mary to connect with you.


Intuitive Wisdom and Spiritual Insight

Mary Magdalene is revered for her intuitive wisdom and spiritual insight. See her as a guide to accessing their own intuitive gifts and deepening their spiritual connection. Through connecting with Mary Magdalene's energy, individuals can tap into their own innate wisdom and gain clarity on their spiritual path.


Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine

Mary Magdalene symbolizes the sacred union of masculine and feminine energies. She represents the harmonious integration of these energies within oneself and in relationships. By embracing Mary Magdalene's energy, explore the balance and synergy between the Divine Feminine masculine and feminine aspects of their own being, fostering wholeness and harmony. Your Sacred Inner Union within.


Healing & Transformation

Mary Magdalene is associated with healing and transformation. Oils, Anointing, she wore the green sleeves in her days in France after the Resurrection. Her energy carries the power to heal emotional wounds, release limiting beliefs, and facilitate deep inner transformation. By connecting with Mary Magdalene's energy, you can experience profound healing and embrace their own transformative journey.

How Light Priest Temple Helps in Connecting with Mary Magdalene Energy

At Light Priest Temple, we channel and directly connect with Mary Magdalene's energy. Through our offerings and guidance, we support individuals in deepening their connection with Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. Discover more on the Magdalene rose path with  Illumined Ones Immersion Online Course a deep activation with Mary Magdalene and Goddess Hathor ascending higher now within all.

Light Priest Temple offers online courses, code activations and trainings dedicated to exploring the highest level of Mary Magdalene's energy, teachings, and practices. These transformative experiences provide a sacred space to connect with her Divine Feminine presence, receive teachings, and immerse yourself in her wisdom. Remember again.

Through our offerings, you can:

  • Attend Mary Magdalene Trainings - Immerse yourself in online courses and trainings channeled from Mary Magdalene to deepen your understanding and connection with Mary Magdalene. These workshops provide teachings, practices, and rituals that allow you to embody her Divine Feminine presence and integrate her wisdom into your life.

  • Participate in Mary Magdalene Pilgrimages- Experience the power of sacred pilgrimages created to activate Mary Magdalene's energy within. These sacred journeys to France offer a sacred space for deep healing, transformation, and connection with her transformative presence. Engage in rituals, meditations, and teachings that unlock the mysteries of the Divine Feminine within you.

  • Receive Priestess Mentoring - Our channel and founder Jennifer Ashira Ra, provide personalized guidance and mentorship on your path of connecting with Mary Magdalene. Offering direct connection, channeling, insights, practices, and support to help you navigate your journey of remembrance and integrate Mary Magdalene's energy into your daily life.

  • Join our Sacred Ceremonies - Within the sanctuary of Light Priest Temple, we hold sacred code activations & ceremonies with Mary Magdalene. These ceremonies create a powerful space for you to connect with her energy, receive blessings, and experience profound spiritual growth. Mary Magdalene Feast Day on July 22 every year is a Day we celebrate her and connect with her.

  • Priestess Training Programs - Dive deep into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine through our priestess training programs. These comprehensive programs provide a transformative journey where you can learn ancient priestess wisdom, embody sacred rituals, and awaken your own Divine Feminine power. High Priestess of the New Golden Age online Training Initiation + Activation 9 week Course begins in Week 1 with Mary Magdalene guiding you and opening your next level codes.


As you connect deeper with Mary Magdalene's frequency, you will be guided to step into your authentic self and become a vessel of Divine Feminine love and wisdom.

If you are interested in connecting with Mary Magdalene's energy, there are many things you can do. You can call her in, Practice the Magdalene Breath Jennifer Ashira Ra shares on her YouTube channel meditate, pray, spend time in nature, read Magdalene Path inspired books and articles about her, or visit places that are associated with her.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 - Who was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene was a prominent figure in biblical and historical accounts. She is often associated with being a disciple of Yeshua and has been recognized as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Her story and teachings hold profound wisdom and inspire spiritual seekers to connect with the sacred feminine energy. She was the Feminine Christ and apostle of apostles. Wife and partner to Yeshua and Mother to S'ara and one more child. She was from a wealthy family and funded Yeshua’s 3 years of Ministry during 30-33 AD.

Her Uncle is the wealthy merchant Joseph of Arimathea. She was a part of the Essenes with Yeshua. Her simple and true teachings of Yeshua’s teachings of Love and Pure Union became the Cathar movement of Southern France until about 1300 AD. Where she traveled to after Yeshua ascended. Their Royal Christ lineage is the Merovingian line of Kings + Queens of Europe.


Q2 - How can connecting with Mary Magdalene benefit me?

Connecting with Mary Magdalene can offer a multitude of benefits. Her energy can support your personal and spiritual growth, deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine, and awaken the dormant aspects of your own inner wisdom. Through her teachings and presence, you can experience healing, empowerment, and a deeper sense of purpose.


Q3 - What is the significance of the Divine Feminine in relation to Mary Magdalene?

The Divine Feminine represents the nurturing, intuitive, and creative aspects of the sacred feminine energy. Mary Magdalene is often seen as a symbol of the Divine Feminine, embodying qualities such as love, compassion, and spiritual insight.

Connecting with Mary Magdalene allows you to tap into this transformative energy, helping you to embrace your own Divine Feminine essence and find balance in your spiritual journey. She embodied this frequency and gridded it on Earth 2000 years ago to awaken now and open the New Golden Age on earth.


Q4 - How does Light Priest Temple help in connecting with Mary Magdalene's energy?

Light Priest Temple is dedicated to providing the resources, teachings, and support needed to connect with Mary Magdalene's energy. Through our online courses, light code activations, and priestess trainings, offer sacred containers to deepen your understanding and experience of her transformative presence.

Jennifer Ashira Ra, directly channels Mary Magdalene and will guide and mentor you on your path, providing insights and practices to help you connect with and integrate Mary Magdalene's energy into your life.


Q5 - Can I participate in Light Priest Temple's offerings even if I'm new to spirituality?

Absolutely! Light Priest Temple welcomes women from all backgrounds and levels of spiritual experience. Our offerings are designed to meet you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

Whether you are new to spirituality or have been on a path of self-discovery for some time, our workshops, retreats, and training programs provide a nurturing and supportive environment for your personal growth and exploration.


Q6 - What if I don't identify as a woman? Can I still connect with Mary Magdalene and participate in Light Priest Temple's offerings?

While Light Priest Temple supports all beings on their spiritual journey, we recognize and respect the diverse nature of individual identities. If you resonate with Mary Magdalene's energy and feel drawn to our offerings, regardless of your gender identity, you are welcome to participate. We believe in the power of inclusivity and honoring the spiritual paths of all individuals. This is a core teaching of Mary Magdalene. Love your neighbor as yourself and inclusion.


Q7 - How do I get started with Light Priest Temple and connect with Mary Magdalene?

To join Light Priest Temple and begin your journey of connecting with Mary Magdalene's energy, we invite you to explore our website, join our community of light email and discover the offerings that resonate with you. Register for our Online Courses, Pilgrimages, or Priestess training programs or reach out to us for more information and guidance. Our community of light is here to support you on your path of self-awakening, healing, and Divine Feminine empowerment.


Q8 - Does Light Priest Temple offer online programs or is it only in-person?

Light Priest Temple offers both in-person and online programs, allowing us to connect with women from around the world. Our online light temple collective membership, online courses and training programs provide a convenient and accessible way to engage with the teachings and practices, regardless of your location.

We strive to create a global community of women united in their dedication to the Divine Feminine and the wisdom of Mary Magdalene.


Q9 - Can I receive a certification or accreditation through Light Priest Temple's programs?

Yes, Light Priest Temple offers certification programs for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and embody the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. Upon completion of our priestess training programs, you will receive a certification of completion-acknowledging your dedication and commitment to the Course and the path of the Divine Feminine .


Q10 - How can I contact Light Priest Temple for further inquiries?

For further inquiries or to get in touch with lightpriestesstemple.com, you can visit our Contact page on our website. There, you will find our email address and a contact form through which you can reach out to us. We are happy to assist you and provide any additional information or guidance you may need.

Join Light Priest Temple: Embrace the Divine Feminine Presence of Mary Magdalene

Light Priest Temple invites you to join our sacred community of light and start your transformative journey of connecting with Mary Magdalene.

Our sacred, safe and supportive community that can be a valuable resource for you as you fully awaken to who you truly are and your powerful Divine Feminine energy.

If you are ready to connect with Mary Magdalene's energy, contact

Light Priestess Temple today.

Sister, we are honored to help you and walk with you on your journey of Divine Feminine remembrance.

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