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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Are you wanting and calling in Your Next Soul level Quantum Leap?

To Embody who You Truly Are and Create more Impact and Abundance in Everything you do. Beloved This is for you!

So, let’s just create this truth now...

Your Full Sacred Potential is Fully Unlocked + Embodied.

IMAGINE What would your life would be like if …

  • You Embodied full Confidence, Clarity and Unlocked your highest Sacred Potential

  • Broke through limitations to Be Where & Who You truly want to Be

  • Lived more effortlessly on Your path by Accelerating Your Highest Version of Yourself

  • You fully shared Your Message and it changed the World

  • All that you did was in divine alignment with your Souls Purpose + Mission

  • Remembered fully who you are and allow your highest soul gifts to manifest

  • You woke up every morning excited and inspired by the work you offer to the world

  • You unlocked your inner joy and found your truest soul calling

  • You Did what you Love to Do and were paid so Abundantly for it

Is this a Life and way of being you are a full body YES to?

Are you feeling the call to fully share your message, be more visible and walk your Soul’s Mission and Sacred Path?

To play a bigger leadership role in Humanity’s Awakening?

Then this is for you.

I will be sharing the 3 KEYS I have seen open and unlock the Sacred Wisdoms and Power within. And then at end— I will share an opportunity where you can advance and embody even deeper the 3 KEYS and take it further …

You feel the call and you know you have a Big mission.

But there may be something stopping you.

Limiting you from Creating this in your life even Blocking you.

• If you’ve been feeling like your breakthrough is just out of reach…

• If you’re struggling with self-doubt or lacking confidence…

• If blocks in business and your path are keeping you stuck...

Sister You Have Powerful Ideas, Gifts, Knowings and Message.

Realize Your Divine Power by Discovering & Activating Your Souls Sacred Gifts + Masterys.

Embody who You Truly Are and Create more Impact and Abundance in Everything you do.

This is about Moving from being Present to Presence.

Your Full Sacred Potential + Sacred Power: at the core of your existence you have transformative and transcendent effect on lives and destinies.

Are you ready to unlock your power and lead?

The Monumental Shift its Here

The New Golden Universe is opening for the New Earth and Humanity. This is the 2nd advanced wave now opening this year.

And with the New Energies and Codes Activating a new Consciousness.

This is calling for the prophesied New Leadership—the New Divine Feminine Leaders to step forward. At the dawn of a New Age of higher Consciousness the Feminine moves to forefront to Lead, Birth and Create it.

To be more visible, share your message openly and stand in your truth, with confidence and clarity.

To guide and lead on the local, global and even Galactic level.

The Priestesses, holder of the the Original Wisdoms throughout time, are now being asked to step out of the inner-sanctum of the Temple

and to lead again.

The Priestess Oracle Avatar Leaders are Rising Now.

This is you beloved!

Feel into that.

Feel the deep call.

Open your heart and your knowings that are deep within.

Possibly you have not been ready till now, reading this to begin to fully open these new powerful sacred powers you hold.

It’s time to share your wisdoms and message. Your Gifts and Masterys are the important facet to the multi-dimensional diamond of oneness that will open the New Golden Age on Earth for All Beings.

Are you wanting to have more Confidence, Clarity and Joy on Your path?

To fully embody your highest Sacred Potential as a New Divine Feminine Leader?

You are a YES!

But, you are feeling you don't have the full clarity or feel stuck.

You are not alone. This is the process when a birthing a New Age . There is no exact previous Template or Ways to creating a New Golden Age on Earth in this way.

To just easily repeat & do the same again.

This is a brand New at every level. You are moving from a Carbon Being to Golden Light.

You are Co-Creating this higher level multi dimensional Age that is now opening as New Earth, New Humanity and Within You. Take a deep breath ...and know you are in the divine perfect place on your path to now Quantum Leap to your

Next Level and Full Sacred potential!

There are 3 Keys to Embody Your Full Sacred Potential to Lead for the New Age of Light.

These 3 KEYS of Walking as a New Divine Feminine Leader.

Are the foundation and will help you embody who you truly are, create more impact and Abundance in everything that you do.

#1 KEY

COURAGE-Heal & Embody

The Courage to Heal any limitations, pain or wounds that hold you back from stepping into your higher soul calling. Any unhealed energies held in the body keep your sacred powers locked away and inaccessible .

Getting real with whats keeping you stuck. This can require a deeper fuel within you. Its not whats in it for me - but is why am I In it?

Why are you here on the planet at this time?

By healing all that is not in alignment, even releasing relationships that no longer serve . This creates more opening and unlocks your fullest Sacred Potential , your highest soul destiny and your role as divine leadership for the New Age.

Leading from your heart, Your Presence, whole, complete and in Union.

#2 KEY


Tune into what you love to do. What do people come to you for —what is that?

You have something that is your unique gift and mastery. Put yourself 1st, Lean into it, and trust yourself. This creates more Confidence.

This confidence of coming from what you love to do, you are naturally good at.

What lights you up creates a magnetic force of energy that draws into you what you are wanting. It’s all frequency now. Your frequency and heart field is what will draw new people, places and situations into your life.

Listen to your inner Guidance. This unlocks your sacred potential and power of your Soul gifts.

Shine Your light and don’t dim to fit in. As a leader people look to you for this radiance and who you truly are.

#3 KEY

COMMUNITY- Be With Your Tribe

When you connect with likeminded Soultribe that are walking in the same direction. You have support, accountability, create new collaborations, friendships and deep connection. Think back to a time when you were in circle or a group and you felt so safe, heard, seen and a part of something?

By being in high community- what I call activated containers of light. You amplify and accelerate all that you are calling in. This is no longer the Piscean Age hero’s journey to walk alone. That’s the harder and slower path. Now, in the Aquarian Age it’s all about Community.

This activates the universal law of mastermind when 2 or more are gathered it is to the 10th power. This activates and unlocks your sacred power at an accelerated speed and results come faster. I see it within our community and it is is amazing how powerful this KEY is.

And you can create an Accountability Community, which is shown when you are accountable to another -- goals are achieved 80%x more! Not walking alone. So this may be an aspect of Community that when you call it in - having accountability may help you achieve your goals, stand in your sacred power and bring in all that you are wanting.

Beloved, How do you connect with community on your path?

The 3 KEYS to Unlock Your Full Sacred Potential as Divine Feminine Leader are your foundation ….there is so much more I could share!

What are Keys of being as a Divine Feminine Leader that speak to You most that you have experienced on your soul path?

If You are wanting more and to go deeper. Join with thriving Community and Sisterhood Create More Confidence, Clarity, Abundance in everything you do while fully Trusting yourself and Others.

And How to fully Embody All that you just Read…

Then I invite you to join the New Divine Feminine Leaders and Wayshowers of New Earth ...and LIVE Your Soul's full Sacred Potential




Unlock Your Full Sacred Potential as a

New Divine Leader of New Earth.

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thank you so much dear Jennifer, for your beautiful blog about the three keys to unlocking our sacred feminine leadership potential!💜💜💜🦋

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