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8:8 Lionsgate Portal: Your Golden Gateway

The most powerful Alignment is 8:8 Lionsgate every year. This gateway Opens the New Energies of the upcoming year and beyond.

Your field is upgrading and you are being prepared for your next level of evolution and transformation.

The Lionsgate is the Gateway of your New Beginnings and High Transformation.

Celebrated and Honored in Ancient cultures that connected to the stars and knew their Importance and their soul connections to the stars.

As Above so Below.

This is why the Giza Pyramids of Egypt are in the same configuration as the 3 Brightest stars of Orions belt. The Sirius Star.

This year, the Planetary Pyramid System Grid will be unifying and activating creating the Divine Masculine harmonic grid for the New Earth to fully expand into her next upgrade into the New Golden Age. With this, the Goddess Lotus Codes that have been in separation and wounded - just as the Divine Feminine energy for past 4000 years will be unifying again. The Goddess symbol has always been the Lotus since the beginning.

The Lotus, now being cultivated again in many circles is coming alive again.

Coming back into Oneness to usher in the New Age.

Both Feminine and Masculine will Unify as One for the planet and within You

. Creating the Golden Sacred Union.

Enjoy the New YouTube video on my channel + learn more about this amazing alignment.

What is the Lion's Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic event that occurs every year between July 28 and August 12, and peaks on August 8 (8:8). It takes place when the sun is in Leo, the Earth, Orion's Belt and the star Sirius are lined up, which is activated by the rising of the star Sirius. Since the event happens when the sun is Leo season (the sign known for strength and determination), so the name Lion’s Gate Portal--It is one of the most awaited cosmic events where the abundance of positive energy helps people set their goals and manifest aspirations, and it is believed that all that will be realised. Learn more about Jennifer Ashira Ra www.lightpriestesstemple.com

What is its Significance?

You may ask, why focussing on Lion's Gate Portal manifestations is so important!

Because It is the opening of the galactic gate and symbolises an outburst of high-frequency energy or wisdom, that brings us a great opportunity for growth and manifestation. This period allows us to boost our aspirations, manifest new ideas and visions, raises our consciousness and enhances our next level spiritual energy. if you are looking for a change in your life, setting new goals or wanting to accomplish more this 8:8 lionsgate is for you!

As per ancient Egyptian cosmology, the Lion’s Gate is the dawn of a new year and a period where they set new resolutions for the future. Interestingly, ancient Egyptians revered the star Sirius (brightest star) and all of their ceremonies and lifestyle revolved around Sirius, as they believed it was the gateway to heaven and wisdom. Hence they started exploiting the Lion’s Gate opening as in those times Sirius was strong and brightest in the sky. They believed this portal occurs when Sun in Leo, earth and Sirius move into complete alignment with the pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

In Hinduism also, Sirius (The dog star)

The number 8 (8/8)

This portal is also Known for abundance, as the number 8, as per numerology stands for infinity. The significance of 8 also makes this day super amplified day.

I mean I don’t have to explain the magic of 8.

8 Numerology represents Abundance, Prosperity and Manifestation.

Symbolises confidence, passion, power, resilience, karmic loops and infinite transformation. When the lion’s gate portal is wide open on August 8th, it is a golden opportunity to harness anything best for you.

This is Your Golden Gateway!

What should you ideally be doing?

The Sun is the ultimate source of energy for our overall well being, and so is this portal as the star Sirius showers us with high energy which gives life to our spiritual bodies. This is the time of the year that you can imagine as getting a second chance when the universe is all set to hear you out. In this period the brave, and bold,

Leo empowers us to take action.

1. Envision what you are calling in: new projects, ideas, relationships, abundance and focus your intentions during the Lionsgate

2. Have a sacred ceremony or self-time to go within and ground with the energies opening on this powerful portal day

3. Prepare for what you are stepping into - what you are calling. Leo is the powerful Ruler of the Heart, passion and Joy. Connect with this energy within you and within this gateway to amplify all you are knowing is ready to manifest!

See You in the Temple!

Join with the New Community of Light

at our upcoming gatherings + membership code activations.

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