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Equinox: The Temple of Rebirth

Updated: Mar 8

The world goes silent as the sun lowers in the sky, casting long shadows across the land. The warm hues of early Spring gradually replace the winters cool depths. As the air becomes warmer, and we begin to open our bodies and expand into the season of Rebirth. This is the Equinox, a moment of perfect balance between day and night, light and dark, yin and yang. Where the day and night are equal hours. Pure Balance. Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere of Mother Earth.

Equinox is the Astrological NewYear. New Beginnings and the new energies activate.

This is a high holy day celebrated throughout time in the Ancient Temples and within the sacred Stone Circles.

Remember again this day of balance.

Let’s pause, slow down, take a deep breath, reflect on the cycles of our lives and envision what lies ahead.

What are you Rebirthing?

What are calling in to be more balanced and aligned?

Just as the earth changes from winter to spring, we can begin again and let go of the past and move into the new season with a renewed sense of direction.

A Time for Awakening

Equinox is a potent reminder that everything in nature is cyclical. Our lives are just like seasons; they change too. It's a moment to leave behind the past, free yourself from what his holding you back and fully embrace all that you are becoming.

As Creator of Light of Priestess Temple,

we celebrate Equinox with Activation Ceremony.

Equinox serves as a call to recognize our own divine essence.

“The equinox is a time to remember that we are not just human beings, but also divine souls with the power to create our own reality. We are Rebirthing ourselves and opening the New Golden Age on Earth.”

Jennifer Ashira Ra

Connecting with the Divine Feminine

Equinox is an opportunity to connect with your divine feminine creation energy. This energy is associated with your intuition, compassion, creativity, and nurturing. It’s the energy that allows us to bring our aspirations to life and start over. To birth new life, birth new worlds, your new high frequency offerings, sacred businesses, new relationships and new ways of being.

Our mission at the Light Priestess Temple is to facilitate your connection to your feminine energy and soul codes through Courses, Membership. Pilgrimages, Code Activations and initiations. Created to Activate you in:

● Awakening your Original Soul Codes and Highest Destiny

● Tapping into your divine feminine creative power

● Healing your relationships and core wounds

● FEM-anifesting your desires

A Time for Ritual

Equinox is a powerful time for ceremonies. Celebrated within the Ancient Priestess Temples of Egypt, Atlantis, Avalon and beyond….We can manifest our desires, let go of all that no longer serve us and connect with our embodied wisdom and inner wisdom through rituals. Celebrating the dark and light within us.

There are many ways to develop an Equinox rite. Inspiration can be found online, in books, or just by following your instincts.

Here are some suggestions to get you going:

● Create an altar with symbols representing balance, fresh beginnings, and your personal intentions. Dark and Light sacred objects.

● Make a sacred Equinox space by lighting candles and incense

● Create a daily practice of balancing with breath or movement

● Take some time to soak up the equinox’s energy by spending time in nature

● Keep a journal where you can pen your Equinox intention, thoughts and feelings.

● A cleansing salt bath to clear your field

● Dance or move and open your body holding your Equinox intention

● Spend quality time with loved ones

“The equinox is a reminder that even in the midst of change, there is always balance. There is always light, even in the darkness.”

Plant a Seed of Intention

As a part of a ritual, choose a seed that symbolizes your ambitions and aspirations for the next season. Plant it in soil, or even hold it in your hand. Nourish it with your visualization and intention. As it grows, so too will your dreams.

Repeat this with Invocation, allowing it to resonate deep within:

“I welcome rebirth and transformation with an open heart.”

Portal for Rebirth

Equinox is a portal of renewal, where we release the burden of the past and make way for new growth. It’s time to let go of things that don’t benefit us anymore to create room for fresh opportunities. With the intense death and rebirth you may be experiencing with the powerful energies right now. I feel this Equinox is the Celebration of our Birthing our New Golden Selves our next level Quantum Leap!

Reflect on what you’re ready to release this equinox. It could be a limiting belief, a bad habit, or a toxic relationship. Whatever it is, release it with love and gratitude.

Embrace the new of way being you are now ready to embody or are already embodying through your inner-work on your path Have faith that everything is aligning perfectly for you.

“Let your rituals be a bridge between your earthy self and your divine essence.”

Create a New Moon + Sun Ritual

Set your intentions when the new moon and Sun rises each h day, symbolizing the beginning of a new cycle. Light a candle, jot down your goals and feel them as here now with gratitude. Release the paper into the night sky, representing your reliance on the cosmos to lead you.

Rebirth: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Harness the Equinox power of Rebirth. Unlock your sacred potential and magnetic divine feminine power and no longer play small. Dare to take a brave step toward something you’ve been wanting to do. Enroll in the course, start the creative project, or get in touch with someone you admire. Every new experience offers an opportunity for growth and transformation.

As the keeper of the Light Priestess Temple, I extend to you an invitation to join us in celebration of Equinox online from wherever you are on the planet.

EQUINOX: Temple of Rebirth Golden Dragons Divine Feminine Global Activation

Let’s embrace the blessings and teachings of this season as we pass through its golden portal together. Come join us at Light Priestess Temple to find out more about our Equinox rites and celebrations.

Equinox is your doorway to REBIRTH and our next level quantum leap as a collective. This Portal provides an opportunity to honor both our light and darkness, sow seeds of your New Beginnings and your dreams, and deeply connect with the sacred rhythms of the Mother Earth.

Ready to transform? Join the divine feminine rising and walk your souls highest destiny? Click here to discover ourEvents and Communities!

Light Priestess Temple

Live your Highest Destiny

"Embody your soul gifts and divine purpose, as we walk this path together into the New Golden Age."

Jennifer Ashira Ra

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