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Everything You Need To Know About Light Codes

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Everything To know about Light Codes and Initiation. Read about in this post. Learn what are Light Codes and How to Activate Your Highest Codes. Join Light Priestess Temple's event: The New Union of Light Codes İnitiation Sedona Pilgrimage Immersion.

What are Light Codes?

Light Codes are sacred energy patterns within all of creation, emits and within them is encoded healing energy, thoughts, new higher dimensions and imprinted emotions. Everything emits an energy pattern, even words. One could also say that words, geometric shapes and numbers are the most familiar forms of Light Codes that we know today. Light and Sound are the original creation forms of all matter. Light codes are sacred geometric symbols in your field , in nature and in all life. The Master codes of Source within All .

The Golden Sun and the Galactic Center emit codes of creation connecting with the sun 🌞 you can begin to activate and remember again .

Even words can be translated into symbols and patterns known as energy codes or Light Codes. We don't need words to emit energy patterns,.

How to Activate Light Codes

Most people meditate on one or two Light Codes a day. Another way to activate a light code is by visualizing it traveling through the body. When you meditate with a Light Code, this is called activation of the code.

When you are on a container or group of high vibration. Your body begins to ascend up to the higher frequency and codes activate. The New Age of Light us not a soo or yet is Journey . Those days are the last patterning the highest codes activate within you when you are joined in Union with others. Thus us the way of the New Golden Age practiced by the Priestesses Priests in the Ancient TempLes Returning again . Asking you to Remember.

Within "The New Union of Light Codes İnitiation Sedona Pilgrimage Immersion" -you will activate your highest Light Codes for the New Union For Humanity . Register today.

Seeing a Lıght Code

Symbols often appear in a repeated way and repeat in the center of your mind's eye. When you start to see light symbols, called Light Code, they can appear as:

  • Shapes

  • Patterns

  • In Series

Sometimes you will even get a name for the codes you receive. Everyone who receives Light Codes is a Light Code carrier.

Facts About Light Codes

The shapes Light Code appears in can be aspects of divine consciousness we are picking up on or aspects of sacred knowledge being shown, or downloaded, to you.

  • Light Codes are sacred geometry shapes and energy all beings send and emit

  • Within them is encoded energy, including thoughts, higher dimensions and emotion

  • These codes affect all matter around you

  • You can use Light Codes to bypass the lower mind and receive the highest energy healing and new way of being

Light Code Systems

There are the infinite forms of light codes . Many are not on earth yet and are beginning to stream in again. Diamond Light Codes, Source Codes Light Language, and many Divine Codes of Light. Every code, also called a symbol, covers DNA repair, crystalline upgrades, and higher consciousness activations. The New Humankind of Light is activating pillars of light - ascending up from crystalline DNA . As the New Light Codes system fir the New Golden Age on Earth.

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Iam from khas Aryan community in Nepal. I have seen Aripana art,a kind of ritual painting and floor painting while celebrating wedding ceremony in our community which connects us with nature and Cosmo.I am doing a research paper on the topic of ''symbolism in Aryan ritual painting in ancient Nepal''.I have no idea about it. Could you please send me the theoretical background, content and background about it through my email?I wonder if you could kindly help me.

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I am part of this, I am full of love for you, me and all who need help and love. My mission here on Earth is to serve others as best as I can. I know my higher self and have seen the Golden /white light, Also seen many light codes, As yet have not spoken light language, ( I would love to channel the light language ) it is such love, warmth and giving of all to one anther, 🌏⭐️👁️🐲🌗❤️❤️💖

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