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Why the Modern Day Priestesses are the New Leaders

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

This came to me as I was talking to a Sister just the other day.

About --What is the Modern Day Priestess? And it felt so different.

Like for the first time.

Seeing the Priestess, the Wise Woman, Shamaness, and Medicine Woman .

Who hold the Community together with their leadership and kept the balance .

Holders and Keepers of the Sacred Rites and Wisdoms of the Communities throughout time.

But that definition seemed limiting all of the sudden to me.

As ONLY a holy woman in a Temple.

For Todays World-on the Precipice of the New Golden Age Opening again.

We still, even today, hide our true wisdoms and ways of being.

Only sharing within our sacred circles or gatherings.

We don't seem to always speak of our Priestess or Medicine Woman Ways -unless we are in safe space with like minded brothers and sisters.

We don't speak of our truest wisdoms or wear our veils or ceremonial Jewelery - or clothing .

But now-- all need to hear this and know this

Priestesses are in every family, every group, every business and all walks of life on Earth today.

And need to bring their priestess wisdoms out and in the open .

The once hidden Spiritual Wisdoms are Now Going to Lead Humanity.

The New Balance .

The way of the Priestesses - is the Way to Lead for the New Golden Age on Earth.

This is why....

I Feel the Priestesses are the New Leaders

Priestesses, once only relegated to the Sacred Altars and Temples.

This now seems a completely limiting definition!

Because they are Now Stepping onto the public platforms.

In every area of modern Life.

To be Fully Seen. To be Fully Heard.

Remembering again.

Your Souls Truest Knowledge.

You are Spiritual Beings of Light.

Priestesses Leading.

Is Opening Again within Each of Us.

The 4 Ways To Lead as a Priestess

1. All decisions and choices made come from your Divine Souls Answer.

Not just Profit, or outcome or the old patterns and Ways

we have known for too long .

2. Tapping into Your Souls Truest Wisdoms. That inner voice.

Your Inner knowings.

The Feminine ways now truly in balance with the Masculine

is How The Priestess will become the New Leader.

To Now be Fully in the Boardrooms, the Media, the Public Eye.

To share your knowledge and wisdoms together .

No longer to walk alone.

By stepping into this energy within You - all are transformed!

Every decision and every path

and by stepping into the open and into the

light we can all find each other again.

What was once only relegated to the inner circles and inner-sanctums of the Ancient Temples. Now, I see the Priestesses rising and taking their places within ALL of Society.

To speak her Wisdoms and Truths .

Openly and Outwardly. Respected and honored for this

So all may be healed, inspired and initiated again.

3. Speak Your Souls Truth

In business, in the arts, in family life--in all of life.

The Priestess is called to step into the Sun again .

She is the Creation Energy. the Re-birthing of the New Age,

No higher or lower- but as equals.

The Aquarian Age we are in is 2000 Years of Union and Transparency.

The Priestess within you is rising and activating.

I see the day when we wear our scarves, our rings, our insignias of spirit

all day - every day.

4. Be More Visible

It is time to be truly seen and to share your Unique Mastery.

No more playing small or dimming to fit in.

Beloved If you are reading this - you carry the sacred Priestess lineage .

You have a mastery and are a keycode to the

New Golden Age Birthing again.

You are the Modern Day Priestess. You are the New Leader.

The Priestess Leader.

You are the Why and the How.

You are the New Age Rebirhing Again..

Will You answer the Call?


Calling the Wayshowers, Leaders , Priests and Priestesses of Light.

You Feel You are Ready.

You Know You have a Big Mission.

Activate Your Souls Highest Destiny




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