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6 Steps How to Flow with the New Change

Updated: May 10

There is so much to share as we move deeper into May, the 5th Month of the year. 5 is the numerology of Change and Expansion.

The incredible expansion and changes you are experiencing are not linear, you are expanding your frequency to meet where you are going. Like rings of a pebble radiating out and out in the calm waters.

You are deepening your flow, igniting your original light codes, next level soul gifts and expanding into who you truly are becoming.

And that is the NEWness, which can so exciting and divinely ecstatic on one hand and also can feel uncertain when stepping into the unknown. 

So, how to Flow with the Change happening Now?

As you read this, I currently just landed in Hawaii, the land of Lemuria. This was always the guidance, I kept seeing the signs even when change or another plan came in, as life does sometimes. The vision held true and I can feel and see an opening — to deeply integrate on the sacred land all I have journeyed through and to birth the new within me as you are flowing and birthing into the new.

Are you feeling this new expansion and flow?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, drained or even like it's just too much?

It's all new and you have never experienced this before.You are melting and rising out of all you used to know into all you are now co-creating.

Your journey of transitioning into the New Golden Age can feel unknown and uncertain. Even feeling resistance to it because its new.

You may be called to move cities, change relationships or your identity is shifting. 

This transition of ascension, may not be what you expected. 

You aren’t seeing reality or your path the same way anymore. 

The handrails have dissolved on the staircase! 

I feel it too.

We are being called, as Divine Feminine Leaders, Wayshowers and Creators of the New Earth to lead with our love and frequency.

You Navigate the New Changes and Expand

by Being in the Flow.

To shed old patterns, energies and programs holding you back from stepping into full sovereignty, joy and to LIVE the highest destiny you embody.

Just as the metamorphosis of the butterfly. 

The endings and uncertainty create the Portal

of your new beginnings. 

I see this in my own life and the sisters I talk to. 

During the recent powerful life-changing Eclipse Portal, you transmuted and shifted your soul codes and blueprint at such a dramatic frequency. 

This takes some time to fully integrate into the body.

A sister I was talking to who had taken 2 months off last fall to heal shared, 

“Right now I am going in and out of my shadow work. Let’s meet soon.” Yes, this is a process of refinement.

You are moving through the layers over time. 

Taking time to be with yourself is key! As you refine and move higher, you may need to create a pause or step back. To take a breath to connect with yourself and go within deeper. 

 The Transformation you are experiencing is not a one and done thing!

It’s an ongoing melting into who you truly are, as you refine, heal, melt some more, refine higher and let go. 

Here are the steps to flow and Expand into who you are becoming .....

6 STEPS How to Flow with the New Change + Expansion 

1. Acknowledge it - "Yes, it may be a tough time right now feeling all that is rising. It may be asking a lot of you. This is the work right now. Not to stay in it but to honor it and acknowledge where you at and it's OK." *Love this from Lee Harris, Channel

2. Support from Family and Friends - Calling in community around you to connect in a deeper way will give you added support when transitioning into your new way of being. Possibly Reaching out to healers, massage therapists and coaches to give you structured support and guidance. I have called in healers to help me navigate this transition. Also, choosing a supportive Environment. Is your home and relationships giving you the energy to fully embody and expand into all that you soul desires?


3. Self Care /Grounding Practices - Increase your daily self care. What fills with you with joy and nourishes you? Deepen into this daily! Yes daily! This is about re-defining your life as you move forward. Your new foundation of nourishing your soul and grounding within your body. Is Filling your chalice. There are no Rules now. I now so look forward to my time laying on the grass to dream and ground - I used to feel guilty or "I'm not working fast enough". I have learned to let this old program go. When I practice daily self care, I see the difference within me and my inner-balance to handle all that life brings.

Embodied Self Care Rituals: Essential Oil anointing the body, salt baths, grounding and breathing with your barefoot on the earth. Walking slowly in wet grass, alone time, playing with your doggie, journalling, dancing…what calms your system?  Create on your phone or in your journal what you want to nourish yourself with daily. Have fun with this!

 4. Simplify - What are the priorities in your life?  What is giving you joy and energy and what isn’t? I invite you to take a sword of discernment and release what drains you. Simplify your life. Do less. Yes, do less. Give yourself more open space in your life if this is possible. Reduce commitments, scheduling and stress so you can receive the flow of the new energies opening within you now. Releasing the “doing” and “pushing” disconnected masculine paradigm, the old paradigm that is dissolving away. So you can expand into the New.


5. Pause/Step Back - This is a big one! Taking more time for yourself. May be a weekend in nature or taking time to take breath and wait to act on something if you are uncertain. This has been so life changing for me. To redefine my work hours and to give to myself now with free time to heal, dream, receive new wisdoms and fully be IN my journey. 


6. Look for SIGNS - Give it all up to Source, God /Creator, Goddess. With all the changes you may be experiencing. Source is always there for you, guiding you and showing you the way. Look for signs. Set an intention and let it go - then look for the Signs during your day or dream time. Could be a song on the radio, numbers, a friend calls you out the blue, an animal appears on your path… They are always there. Go deeper with following the Signs. Surrender it all up. This is so freeing. This will always lead you to you to where you are wanting to go and gives you the direction if you aren’t quite sure. By just allowing yourself to be guided.

In these changing times it helps to just allow all to integrate and to be supported.

Please reach out. Let me know what you do to Flow with the Shifts and Changes?

Expand into the New Frequency.

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