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Light Body Activation: An Introduction & Guide

light body activation
Light Body Activation

What is a light body? This is a question that has many answers.

A light body can be described as an energetic body of light that surrounds and penetrates the physical body.

Many individuals believe the light body to be a manifestation of the soul, one that is made up of pure light energy.

Light body activation occurs when we open our hearts and minds to the love and light surrounding us.

Activating light codes of the body opens up new levels of consciousness and awareness. This is so important for opening your Souls Highest Mastery and Gifts and your Divine Destiny.

Activating your Light Body is one of the ways we open the New Golden Age on Earth.

In this blog from Light Priestess Temple, Mastery Channel and New Age Leader, Jennifer Ashira Ra, will discuss in more detail:

  • The light body

  • The different elements of the light body

  • Light body activation

  • What you can do to activate your body light

Table of Contents:

  1. What is A Light Body Exactly?

  2. Understanding the Different Elements of The Light Body

  3. Light Body Activation Explained

  4. How to Activate Your Body Light

  5. In Conclusion

What People are Asking:

What is the meaning of light body?

The body of light is also known as the "subtle body" or the "astral body."

The light body is often compared to the physical body, but it is not made up of the same matter.

It is said that the light body is composed of a finer, more ethereal substance than the physical body.

Many mystics and philosophers say that we all have a light body, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Others claim that the light body can only be accessed through specific practices, such as meditation or prayer.

How can I activate my body energy?

There are many benefits to spending time in nature, and one of the most impactful is the connection that it can provide to the light body.

The light body is the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, and it is responsible for our health and well-being on a spiritual level.

When we spend time in nature, we are exposed to the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth, which can help support the health of the light body.

In addition, being in nature can help ground and center us, providing a sense of calm and peace.

Opening Your Heart.

We use a Galactic Heart Breath Meditation to open this powerful center and create the magnetic field of expansion.

By moving into this Beta State, a relaxed state with less brain impulses.

You can then access higher states within yourself.

Activating the Light Codes held within your field

We are moving from carbon beings to light beings .

Opening Your light body and your light codes is your souls next phase of evolution.

How do you Spiritually Upgrade yourself?

Activating your light body by recharging yourself spiritually is easier than you think.

To help recharge your spiritual batteries to free yourself from to do lists and the constant grid of human life.

Try giving these ten tasks below a try!

  1. Make a list of your achievements and what you are grateful for

  2. Follow your inner guidance and intuition

  3. Feel, Let go and learn from past mistakes

  4. Today do something you truly enjoy and brings you joy

  5. Let go of people or things that bring you down

  6. Spend time with people who love and understand you

  7. Limit your multitasking

  8. Take bliss breaks during your day to do what you love!

  9. Create a daily personal ritual to go within and Pray or meditate

  10. Take a technology break

What is A Light Body Exactly?

A light body can be a new concept to grasp; So let's start at the beginning.

In basic terms, a light body is a field or medium we employ as we leave our 3D state and return to our divine origin.

The state of Divine Union.

Think of it not as your physical body, not your skin and hair – but the state of nothingness.

Just pure light energy.

This is your soul's original Divine State.

All of us have this. It just takes tuning into - exercising a new muscle to remember again. With your intention to open your Divine Light Body and Your Light Codes.

This comes from within you.

And is supported by all Universal Consciousness surrounding you.

The Universe will now bring you the inspiration, guidance, places and events for this to fully manifest.

You are now reading this! Which is a great first step towards activating your highest light.

Everything is made of energy.

All is pure energy– but each with slightly different codes that then becomes the shape we see as a piece of fruit, or a crystal or a chair.

Our bodies and the objects in our world are formed of billions of molecules that play their own roles.

Each soul is connected to the Divine.

Your Fully Activated Light Body is your path to accelerate your ascension, Your light body is the vehicle to open and ignite this within you.

Everything in our universe is not just physical.

There exists a mixing of constant moving energy between the non- physical becoming physical that forms matter, as it does with the light body.

The Light body may not be visible to the human eye but it is a real thing that surrounds you and speaks to others.

Yes, light bodies communicate with infinite sources and with others on earth.

This is the New way of being opening now within Humanity.

For those that are ready and those that are on the path of their souls ascension.

Your Light Body will open your highest ascension as you tune into it and activate it.

Understanding the Different Elements of The Light Body

The human body has a complex energy field that consists of many layers.

The etheric, mental, astral, and emotional bodies are all aspects of the light body.

Beyond these densities are methods for evoking the higher abilities of the light body.

The Next phase of the Light Body is as ONE .

A New Oneness .

No layers.

Just Divine Union.

The following are the primary elements of the light body/ Each activates as you move higher on your souls ascension path:

MERKABA: The chariot of the soul that needs to be activated to ascend is known as the Egyptian term Mer (light), Ka (soul), and Ba (body).

This phrase is referred to as the chariot of the soul, which must be activated for ascension to be achieved.

RAINBOW BODY: Once light body activation is achieved, you may move forward to more profound practices to elevate the light body and descend to the rainbow body state. This state, also known as the "Rainbow Body" results from a form of unconditional love.

The rainbow body will be ignited as each physical wound is healed, every mental impurity is purged, and every condemnation is released.

CRYSTALLINE BODY - The Bridge Light Body to the Golden Age – with the healing of wounds and igniting the Crystalline DNA.

Has Access to Opening the Crystalline Codes of your souls divine memories, purpose, ancient initiations and wisdoms.

Now begins to come in and integrates with this Light Body.

GOLDEN LIGHT BODY - The Next phase for Humanity is the Golden Light Body. The Illuminated soul level field of oneness moving from the rainbow and crystalline into the golden divine intelligence as a being of light.

DNA then fully disappears and becomes Pillars of Light.

Light Body Activation Explained

The light body activation is real and can be experienced by anyone who experiences the Ascension Process .

Light body activations download from Divine Source and infuse new plasma multi-dimensional pure light into the etheric body, resulting in powerful changes.

The light activates your cells in the body, which then causes the cellular structure to change at the atomic level .

These changes are tangible and radiate in the energy field.

You don’t need to do this on your own. This Aquarian Age is all about Community, Transparency and Union.

Being in high frequency containers like sacred ceremonies and gatherings helps to amplify and activate the higher light codes and holds a big importance.

By being in these sacred containers of high frequency and vibration with other souls your light body aligns and activates, attunes and reminds you of this level.

Making it more of a normal state of being and familiar.

A safe space is so important to fully expand and open these higher energetic ways of being.

As we move through the different levels of light body activation, we experience many shifts in physical well-being, emotional patterning, knowledge, core beliefs, and thought forms.

Essentially we are moving into the space of love where our heart opens, and we can pass through the 'gateway of awakening' or the 'eye of the needle' to a place of unconditional love for all sentient beings, known as the Fifth Dimension. And Higher.

The Light Body upgrades you from 5D to 12D.

All are accessible now on the Planet.

Activating your Light Body - and your Light Codes opens your soul's highest mastery and Gifts.

Which is so needed at this moment of Humanity's Awakening.

Do you feel the call within you - of something greater wanting to be birthed -

To now step up into your highest timeline?

Your Divine Light Body expands and grows as you focus and open your heart.

Flooding your field with the golden light of love.

Activating our light body allows us to access higher frequencies of light and energy, which directly accelerates our Ascension process.

As we move into these higher dimensions of reality, we will begin to experience life in a very different way.

We will be more connected to our intuition and inner guidance, and we will better understand the interconnectedness of all life.

How to Activate Your Light Body

Activating the light body is a lifetime journey that requires dedication and a heart centered intention.

It's a path not to be taken lightly.

It is Soul Level Initiations that take time to journey through and to Activate within.

No one person can accomplish it quickly.

But, there are ways of being.

Living from your Heart, from your Joy that helps to create this frequency within to be a match for the light body activations.

You do this by being an elevated frequency of love, joy, and bliss within.

By Opening your Heart.

The heart center is your divine guidance.

The more you can elevate your emotional state - the more you are becoming a match for your highest light body .

Below are some things you can do to help you activate your light body:

  • Open your Heart with love and joy -your divine elevated emotions

  • Raise your vibration energy from within

  • Lightening your diet can help

  • Join a light code activation gathering

  • Visit Sacred sites & vortexes on the planet

  • Call in your Guides, Angels and Spirit Team to Assist You

  • Set your intention for your highest path to activate within

  • Daily Prayer or meditation

  • Choose music and sounds that attract positive energy

  • Let yourself laugh and release

  • Spend time grounding with nature

  • Solar Activation - let the sun rays of creation shine on you

  • Salt baths help clear your field

In Conclusion

Ascension is the journey back to our true state of being.

It is the process of returning to Divine Ecstasy, our natural state of being.

This can be achieved by magnifying love and illuminating the light body.

We are all capable of this transformation, and it begins with each one of us committing ourselves to live in joy and happiness.

The Divine Oneness of our Souls Destiny.

What will you do to step closer to your ascension?

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