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Solstice The Golden Gateway of Huge Change

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Solstice a Power Gateway of the Year with the Longest Day and Shortest Night - Summer Solstice and Shortest day with Longest Night is Winter Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere Solstice is Dec 21, 2021 cresting at 10:45Am ET.

Solstice The Golden Gateway of Huge Change

Summer and Winter Solstice are 2 Powerful PORTALS of the year. A vast amount of energy is released on these days as the Earth reaches its peak points of the elliptical orbit around the sun.

More Energy = More Alignment

The Solstice Portal

The Solstice Portal makes healing, releasing and manifesting much faster because the Earth is at a tilt on Dec 21. Allowing more of the New Higher Light energy to enter Earth.

Sun is aligned with the galactic Center.

Every Solstice broadcasts high-frequency energy that can be harnessed for you to make quantum leaps. On this Winter Solstice, the focus is on bringing a deep sense of intention, warmth, and choice into what you're here to do, and how that creates wealth in your life.

2022 is the year to get things done, with the energy ripe for actively moving into something new. And this Winter Solstice sets you up to do just that, with a high dose of energy that can put you in a positive direction.

The Great Pyramid at Giza Plateau - Stonehenge -Machu Picchu - Mt Shasta + Krakatoa volcano align creating a grid of light amplifying the New Energies on Earth on Solstice

The Great Pyramid at Giza Plateau - Stonehenge -Machu Picchu - Mt Shasta

Stonehenge in England , has always been celebrated at these power days of the Year when the Sun activates the Cosmic Alignments within the Sacred Stone Circle .

This Solstice is the Golden Gateway and so highly charged with the new evolutionary energy . This can be felt Dec 15th all the way till Jan 11,2022. The Solstice alignment in Caprticorn may attempt at more control on one hand but, is also increasing the crumbling of the old ways and structures. See increased Rebellion and Evolution to any further attempts t control. The Bring in the New the Old must be Allowed to Dissolve and Release.

Solstice is the Golden Gateway. Sun activates the Cosmic Alignments within the Sacred Stone Circle

We just passed through the Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittaurius on December 18, 2021 . This Powerful alignment signaled the completion from the Sagittarius Eclipse a month ago . The Full Moon and Sun at 27 degrees. was direct with the Galactic Center . Giving You Access to new Galactic Energies and Alignments streaming into Earth. Also 2+7=9 is the numerology of Completion. The Number 9 is the last number, highest number and the royal number signaling a cycle is ending and a new cycle is beginning.

Solstice Golden Gateway is amplifying the 12:12 Portal and the New Codes that are now Activated. The New Golden Age, The New Humankind of Light and new higher ways of being. All preparing you for 2022 and beyond. Solstice is conjunct to Uranus the planet of freedom, change, sovereignity, maverick is leading the way!

Solstice is the Golden Gateway with one node in Gemini and the other in Capricorn Gemini is about choices . Asking You what choices you are making. Are you following lower vibrational energies and old patterns the higher ? Fear or Love

What Do you Choose for yourself?

This surge of Golden Light is intense . Stay centered within by your Inner- Guidance to stay on top and ride this wave of light. Keeping your attention internal and centered will guide yiou through this powerful gateway of Change. From the Old to the New. From Carbon to Light . Where your attention is focused is what will become stronger in your field.

surge of Golden Light is intense.

Listen to your inner guidance , Hold your center versus what you are hearing outside from others. You are a Leader,Wayshower and Initiator of the New Golden Age .

Connect with Your Soultribe. Find who you resonate with as You move through the Golden Portal of Solstice on Dec 21st!



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