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New Incoming Solar Codes are Rebirthing + Remaking You

The New Golden Solar Codes of the Original Sun with the Crystalline Golden structure have been streaming into the Earths field .

Awakening all within you + within humanity.

Your Advanced Gifts and Mastery.

This has created field thats been intense purifying snd rebirthing.

This is not merely just upgrading you.

This is the Golden Chrysalis of being Remade.

The Coccoon of

Becoming the New Golden World.

Priest and Priestess of Light.

Leaders of the New Golden Age on Earth.

☀️You are Golden Source .

☀️All lower patterns are now falling away.

☀️People and Things in your life may be releasing and falling away as well.

As we move towards the Solar Ecliose on April 30th in the Earth sign of Taurus.

And the 5:5 Golden Portal of Change May 5th. And the months Going Forward.

We must focus now on what is birthing.

And remember to Be the Love and Compassion and the Power to create a New Earth and a New way of Being.

Today and all Days Going forward , listen to the Angels singing and let them show you of a New Golden Earth and New Humanity that will emerge from the perceived chaos.

Into the highest light .

It’s always breakdown to breakthrough.

The lower energies must now spiral out that are jo longer in resonance with the prevalent higher energy on Earth .

We walk together .

Many Blessings


All my love



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