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Updated: Feb 21

By Jennifer Ashira Ra

I was standing in the office of my clothing brand and it all fell away. I knew there was more for my life than working 6 days a week, shipping orders out every night, never stopping or even taking time for myself or helping others and the planet. I took $100, all the money I had at the time, and built it into a 7 figure clothing brand. But I lost myself along the way.

For a long time, I tried hard to fit into the masculine world, building my clothing brand focused on external recognition, achievement and disconnecting from my

feminine essence. I pushed myself hard, working long hours and trying to be the perfect

entrepreneur. Ignoring messages from my body, I buried my exhaustion and discounted my emotions. One day the walls I had built around myself came crashing down and my world as I knew it caved in when I received a life changing test result from my doctor.

My lifelong condition of Endometriosis was back and I no longer could continue working the way I had been.

It turns out that my moment of darkness also became my awakening and soul calling, leading me on a healing journey of deepening connection with my sacred feminine wisdom and power. Slowing down, Healing through opening into my body, finding like-minded community and aligning with my souls mission to help change the world.

I now help Feminine Leaders step into their truth, unlock their sacred potential and activate their soul gifts, highest life path and destiny. By claiming who they truly are, embodying their feminine power, connecting to their original soul codes and living the life they love and are meant to lead. The Priestesses now are being called to step out of the Temple and lead Humanity. This is how we Change the World and Create Heaven on Earth.

So, I created the Global Community, Light Priestess Temple, to be the safe and sacred space I always had wanted to find to join with other visionaries and soultribe.

Light Priestess Temple is the new community of light to remember your sacred lineages and wisdoms held within you and who you are truly meant to be.

At Light Priestess Temple we offer next level:

  • Courses

  • Trainings

  • Facebook Community

  • Code Activation Ceremonies

  • Private 1:1 Initiation + Activation

Created to activate the wisdom, soul gifts and divine power held within you while aligning with the new energies opening now on the planet. As a result of being a part of Light Priestess Temple and our Membership, the results and lives I have witnessed change, fully opening and upgrading has been life changing.

When you are continually in this high activated container of light you open the next higher levels within you.

“7.7.7 portal activation ceremony was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life! I do energy work every day and THIS was unlike any other activation journey I've been on. I left the activation with a transformation that is difficult to put into words! I felt bliss, clarity, loving connection, and relief.“ Fallon J

“The Codes of Ra Leaders of Light program has been a deepening and transformative journey that has changed me forever. I have rediscovered a part of myself that I had long forgotten. The remembering and healing I can now fully embrace and integrate. This has not only assisted me on my personal journey, but also professionally in my business with my clients” Tamara J

“The Light Temple Membership, Jennifer created has helped me discover keys to unlocking my unique blueprint, and to upgrading my capacities as a keeper of these New Earth frequencies. “ Andrea S.

My passion is to show you who you truly are and to walk together opening the new age on this planet. To support the Activation of the Divine Feminine on Earth and Activate the New Codes of Humanity.

Now I live a life aligned with my soul calling, traveling the world helping the new divine feminine leaders activate their highest soul gifts, divine purpose and highest destiny

I look forward to walking with you and Changing the World!

Connect with your new community of light and join us in the Temple. www.lightpriestesstemple.com

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