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Awakening the Sacred Feminine: Nurturing the Divine Essence Within You

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Welcome to Light Priestess Temple, your sacred space and sanctuary to embark on a transformative journey of embracing sacred feminine and nurturing your divine essence. The sacred feminine is a profound archetype that embodies the divine qualities of femininity, wisdom, intuition, compassion and nurturing love.

In this sanctuary of self-discovery, we share about the significance of the sacred feminine in various aspects of spirituality, its role through the ages, the balance of feminine and masculine energies and its powerful symbolism.

What is Sacred feminine?

The Sacred Feminine is the Divine Feminine aspect of God essence within every being. a concept that acknowledges "God" as a Divine Essence (Goddessence) that exists beyond form and duality—an essence that is in balance and unification of masculine and feminine principles—a dynamic interdependent "Immanence" that pervades all life. The Asian Yin Yang icon and Sacred Union of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua embodies this way of being.

Sacred Feminine Guiding Principle

The sacred feminine path is about reuniting things that were never meant to be separated: the mind and the body, our power and vulnerability, feelings and emotions, sacred sexuality, the self and the other, our sense of the realness of right here and the vastness and mystery of the unknown.

Why We Need Feminine Energy?

The female energy is critical for awareness and the individual's growth and transcendence. The recovery of sacred feminine energy is essential for both men and women. Essential for thebresoration of the planet. To move from war, imbalance and disregard for emotions. The Sacred Feminine has been suppressed, oppressed and forgotten through the ages and is now returning to restore wholeness and harmony within humanity

For men, the loss of feminine energy is a severe issue. The absence or repression of a man's feminine aspects reduces his emotional depth and causes discontent, loneliness, and a sense of meaninglessness.

losing touch with feminine aspects has been a wounding for women. This impacts their natural way of being and their search for identity. Top disconnect from their intuition, their body and their emotions has closed down the sacred feminine the Shakti force within women. Now , remembering these 3 pillars of the sacred feminine

• Your Body

• Your Emotions

• Your Sexuality

These 3 paths that lead you to the Divine through the sacred Feminine gateway of your boringness.

The Sacred Feminine in Christianity: A Deeper Connection to Divine Feminine Spirituality

Within the Christian tradition, the sacred feminine holds a significant place, symbolized by revered figures such as Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. These women embody divine feminine spirituality, representing compassion, unconditional love, and spiritual wisdom. But were only given marginal status. Magdalene was mislabeled and denigrated only until recently.

By exploring the sacred feminine in Christianity, we deepen our connection to the divine feminine energy, allowing it to inspire and guide us in our spiritual journey.

It should encourage a holistic understanding of spirituality, where intuition, creativity, and nurturing love are honored. By nurturing the essence of the sacred feminine, we awaken our authentic selves and cultivate a more profound sense of purpose, connection, and wholeness.

We must recite Her-story and honor the wayshowers who gridded the energies of Union, Love and Compassion over 2000 years ago so we today can rise . The sacred Feminine can walk as equals and as Source and the Divine


Symbols of the Sacred Feminine: Unveiling the Deeper Meaning

Symbols hold a profound significance in understanding and connecting with the sacred feminine. They serve as gateways to deeper wisdom, guiding our spiritual journey. From the nurturing embrace of the mother and child to the beautiful symbolism of the moon, these powerful images evoke the essence of the divine feminine.

Exploring and meditating upon these symbols can help us tap into the transformative energy of the sacred feminine and cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Balancing the Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies: Cultivating Harmon

The sacred feminine and masculine energies work in union within us. Accepting the holy feminine does not diminish the masculine; rather, it calls for the harmonious integration and balance of these energies. Both are Sacred and Divine. The Sacred Feminine is the emotion, feelings, devotions, energy, radiance, flow and the Sacred masculine is the space holder, directional, vast, empty space and leads.

We cultivate a harmonious union by honoring both aspects of ourselves and embracing their unique gifts. This allows for authentic self-expression, embodied union, healthy relationships, and spiritual growth.

What is the relationship between the divine feminine and masculine?

The divine feminine and divine masculine cannot coexist. This means that we all contain both despite our cultural associations of masculine and feminine energies with men and women. They may not be evenly balanced.

The divine feminine and divine masculine cannot coexist. This means that we all contain both despite our cultural associations of masculine and feminine energies with men and women. They may not be evenly balanced.

Awakening The Divine Feminine Spirituality

Our connection to the sacred feminine energy shifts our perception, allowing us to see the divine aspect of ourselves and others. It increases our ability to feel compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and other emotions. We can meditate for years without ever cracking the code of inner transformation unless we activate this energy."

Awakening the sacred feminine entails reviving the universe's absolute creative power. The result of awakening and energizing our sacred feminine energy is a stronger sense of presence and empathy for others, regardless of gender.

Awakening the sacred feminine entails reviving the universe's absolute creative power. The result of awakening and energizing our sacred feminine energy is a stronger sense of presence and empathy for others, regardless of gender.

Some qualities of the divine feminine:

- Devotional

- Accepting/Inclusive

- Kind & Forgiving

- Collaborative Intuitive

- Heart-centered

- Compassionate

- Reflective

- Creative

- Sensual

Light Priestess Temple is dedicated to guiding women devoted to their awakening who want to unlock their sacred potential within this awakening process. By providing sacred events, community, membership, Pilgrimages and trainings to support your connection with the sacred feminine.

Divine Feminine Goddess

The divine feminine is a spiritual concept that illuminates the feminine counterpart to the masculine patriarchal structures that dominate our society. Before delving into the other aspects of divine feminine energy, it is essential to know that it is not a new concept. A Sacred feminine lineage of Goddesses, Priestesses and Oracles has existed throughout the world for 1000s of years. She is the Creatrisse. The creator of Universes. Birthing new energy, new life and new worlds. There was a Time in the Gemini Age and before, of a Matrilineal Society where women held the power and it was a time of great peace and harmony on Earth.

Feminine energy represents the healer, nurturer, compassionate peacemaker, and recipient, whereas masculine energy concerns logic, protection, building, taking action, and accomplishing. Domination and aggression is the shadow side of the masculine, while disempowerment, ungrounded and stagnation can be the shadow side of the feminine.

Developing a Connection with the Sacred Feminine: Light Priest Temple's Offerings

At Light Priestess Temple, we are devoted to supporting individuals in their journey of awakening and embracing the sacred feminine.Founded by Jennifer Ashira RA, a master initiator and high priestess, and expert in activating feminine energy and code activations. Our Temple offerings are designed to empower and guide you on your path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. To unlock your full sacred sacred potential so you can embody yoir souls purpose and highest destiny.

We provide the following services.

- Sacred Feminine Pilgrimages, Retreats And Events

Immerse yourself in our transformative Pilgrimages and retreats dedicated to exploring the sacred feminine. Travel to sacred sites , step into the Temples and Pyramids of your Remembrance. Events , Through a combination of teachings, code activations and sacred ceremony you will deepen your understanding of the divine feminine, connect with likeminded individuals, and create a powerful container for personal growth.


- Community + Membership

The Aquarian Age is about walking as community. Join with your soultribe , likeminded sisters who are walking in the same direction as you. We have a Facebook Community with weekly new content and connection and Light Temple Collective Membership where you receive the Exclusive Events, Code Activations, initiations, Oracle Coaching , Sharing Temples and so much more…


- 1:1 Sacred Feminine Healing Sessions + Initiations

Experience the transformative power of sacred feminine healing sessions, Channelled Guidance and Healing Session with Jennifer Ashira Ra. These sessions provide a sacred space for releasing blockages, activating your souls original lineage, rewriting timelines, healing karmic wounds and igniting your innate wisdom.


Also offered is private 1:1 initiation and activation to accelerate your ascension path by opening and activating your souls lineage of light, your original soul codes and what you came here to do. Initiating your Connection to the higher realms, your higher soul gifts and mastery.

- Ritual and Ceremony Guidance

Tap into the power of sacred rituals and ceremonies in honoring and celebrating the sacred feminine. Our guidance and support will help you create meaningful and personalized practices that align with your intentions and honor the divine feminine within. Whether you seek to perform personal rituals or engage in group ceremonies, we provide the tools and knowledge to infuse your practices with intention and deep spiritual significance.


Embrace the Sacred Feminine, Illuminate Your Path!

As you embark on the sacred journey of embracing the sacred feminine, within you lies a wellspring of divine wisdom, intuition, and creative power. The sacred feminine calls you to honor and nurture these aspects of yourself, allowing them to radiate through every facet of your life.


At Light Priestess Temple, we are honored to guide and support you on this transformative path, connecting you with the profound energy of the sacred feminine and assisting you in awakening your true essence.


The sacred feminine is not confined to gender or man made boundaries. It is a universal source energy that resides within all beings, inviting you to embrace your authentic self, your sacred feminine essence and create a world of harmony, love, and balance.


You will open new ways, new gateways and new wisdoms when you breathe into the sacred feminine within you. Awakening the creation codes you hold. Illuminating the path of a more awakened, balanced and empowered existence of the Sacred Feminine within all!

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