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I agree to and understand the terms & conditions. I am choosing to attend this Certification Training on my own free will and my own personal decision.

IMAGE RELEASE - By attending and participating  seen or unseen in the New Divine Feminine Leaders Mastery Activation Certification Course Online or In-person. You agree to your Photographic and Video Release. And do hereby grant and convey unto Light Priestess Temple inc, Jennifer Moyers , Jennifer Ashira Ra all right, title and interest in any and all photographic images, video or audio recordings made by Light Priestess Temple during the Training including but not limited to royalties, proceeds, or other benefits derived.To use within our Community  such images, words, and likenesses for marketing, on our website or other writings and any for any other training legitimte purpose

I am ready to be in an advanced activated container of light, light codes, light language, channelling, seeing, energy work, sound healing, meditation and leadership training.


I am of sound mind and in good emotional and physical shape to attend a

5 month online or in-person training.


I know and understand that any results are not promised and that it is my own effort that will create the results I am wanting by attending this training.


RELEASE OF LIABILITY- I Do Not hold Jennifer Moyers, Jennifer Ashira Ra or Light Priestess Temple inc. Liable for any perceived benefits, even any negligence or lack of personal results  from attending the New Divine Feminine Leaders Mastery Activation Certification Course.

If I choose to not attend the sessions of the  training  that is my own choice.  If I change my mind or have change in financial condition it does not change the contract of attending  I am choosing when I paid for the training. 


I understand I need to complete in full. all course requirements set by Light Priestess Temple receive my Certification when training ends.

Light Priestess Temple inc. has the sole discretion to give Certification.

I understand  No Refunds of any kind once I have paid .

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