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Discover the Mysteries of The High Priestess

Throughout time the High Priestess is a sacred leader, holder of wisdom, codes, and mysteries. The High Priestess’s path is a journey of remembrance. Welcome to Light Priest Temple, where the profound mysteries of the High Priestess.

archetype await your exploration. The High Priestess is a powerful figure who embodies the divine feminine energy and powers and plays a crucial role in activating its transformative power.

Understanding the High Priestess’s Meaning

The High Priestess represents mystery, intuition, leadership and the embodied chalice of the divine feminine lineage on Earth. She embodies the moon and suns power, representing the ebb and flow of life, intuitive realms, and secrets hidden beneath the surface. The High Priestess invites us to journey into the unknown, trusting our intuition, and embracing life's mysteries.

The High Priestess is frequently depicted in the tarot as a veiled figure seated between two pillars, representing duality and balance. She holds the scroll of ancient wisdom and comprehends the hidden truths. She is initiated to the highest realms and initiates others into the inner-sanctum of the Temple.

Signs of High Priestess

The first indication of a Priestess awakening within you is a sense of calling to a higher purpose. Certain ways of being in life that once provided varying fulfillment, such as working at a job, now needs a deeper meaning. You have remembrances of sacred ways, lands and far off temples opening again to you. This indicates that your soul is remembering again and awakening to your soul’s higher purpose and destiny called to serve, love, and devote your life to the divine.

The next sign could be that when you hear the word "priestess," you feel a sense of familiarity, recognition, and inner knowing born of love.

You may be drawn to the High Priestess in the tarot deck, have a strong connection to nature and the moon, be highly intuitive and sensitive, and have vivid dreams.

You may be called from within to travel to sacred lands: Temples, Vortexes or Pyramids in distant lands like India, Egypt and Asia.

When I stood in the Temple of Isis in Philae, Egypt. I saw my life flash before me. I saw the dress I was wearing 1000s of years ago and that I had a made a prophecy to stand again in this same place and open the codes I had left for myself.

Join us to uncover the sacred meaning behind the High Priestess and embrace your divine potential.

The Role of High Priestess in Activating Divine Feminine Energy

The High Priestess is significant in activating the Divine Feminine Energy and guiding individuals on their spiritual path. She embodies wisdom, intuition, and deep spiritual connection. Through her presence and teachings, she helps individuals tap into their intuition, connect with the mysteries of the divine, and awaken their inner and sovereign feminine power.

The High Priestess bridges the conscious and subconscious realms, guiding individuals to explore their inner depths and access profound spiritual insights. She encourages initiates to embrace their intuition, trust their inner knowing, and cultivate a deeper connection with their divine selves.

Difference Between a Priestess and a High Priestess

The difference between a Priestess and a High Priestess is that the High Priestess has been initiated to be a High Priestess through dispensation from Source and their local Society. She walked the sacred path to have gained extensive experience and knowledge in service, ritual facilitation, and leadership.

High Priestesses were frequently born into royal families in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Anatolia and given to the Temple at a very young age. To walk their soul’s path in devotion to the Goddess and Divine Mother of All. The rituals they performed ensured the villages' fertility and prosperity. They had been trained and educated for religious roles and duties since childhood.

A "Priestess" is a modern-day woman who has studied, trained and initiated within a lineage. Gained experience as a spiritual devotee, leader, teacher, or facilitator to share rituals and spread the sacred knowledge of the spiritual teachings she has embodied through direct experience.


High Priestess Woman in Light Priest Temple - What They Do?

At Light Priest Temple, our High Priestesses, led by Jennifer Ashira Ra, are dedicated to guiding individuals to fully awaken to their highest sole purpose and destiny on their spiritual journey. They provide a nurturing and empowering space for individuals to connect with the New Divine Feminine Energy and awaken their inner wisdom.

High Priestesses are the Leaders and Guides in the Temples throughout time.


Light Priestess Temple offers personalized guidance, mentorship, and transformative experiences through our High Priestess Courses, Activations and Trainings.  Helping You tap into your intuitive gifts, soul mastery, priestess soul lineage, exploring the mysteries of temple wisdoms and embrace your divine feminine power.

By working closely with a High Priestess, you can deeply understand your soul’s purpose and connection to the divine as a conduit of the Source.

What is Included in The High Priestess Course?

The High Priestess of the New Golden Age Training Course is a comprehensive and transformative program that empowers you to embrace your divine potential. It covers many teachings, practices and ceremony to fully awaken and activate the Divine Feminine Energy within with direct Code Activations from the Goddesses and Ascended Masters like Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, 9D Angelic Realms and many more….

In our High Priestess course, you will:


  • Explore High Priestess Archetypes - Gain a deep understanding of different High Priestess archetypes from other spiritual traditions and how they relate to activating feminine energy. The Archetypes reflect the collective definition that rises above the individual being.


  • Connect with the Moon Tarot - Dive into the symbolism and wisdom of the Moon Tarot card, which is closely associated with the High Priestess. Learn how to harness the lunar energies and access the depths of your intuition.


  • Embrace Sacred Rituals - Look for Mystery School or Priestess Training - to help you remember again. Discover sacred rituals and practices that let you connect with the Divine Feminine Energy. Learn how to create altars and perform Sacred Ceremonies.


  • Harness Divine Intuition - Develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities through guided exercises and meditations. Learn to trust your inner guidance and receive messages from the divine realms.


  • Dive into Sacred Feminine Wisdom - Delve into ancient teachings and wisdom associated with the Divine Feminine Energy. Explore goddess mythology, sacred texts, and spiritual practices that honor and celebrate the feminine aspect of spirituality.


  • Embody Divine Love & Compassion - Cultivate a deep love and compassion for yourself and others. Learn to embrace your vulnerabilities, heal past wounds, and radiate love to positively impact your life and the lives of those around you.


  • Work with the Hierophant - Gain insights into the role of the Hierophant archetype and its connection to the High Priestess. Understand the wisdom and teachings of the Hierophant and how they can enhance your spiritual journey.


  • Embrace Personal Empowerment - Discover your unique gifts, talents, and strengths as a High Priestess woman. Embrace your power and step into leadership roles with confidence and grace.


You will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and empowerment by enrolling in our High Priestess course. Our experienced High Priestesses, led by Jennifer Ashira Ra, will provide personalized guidance, support, and mentorship throughout your journey. She is a High Priestess + Priestess Initiator. Opening you to the truth of who you are and your priestess path and sacred soul lineage.


How to Cultivate High Priestess Energy?

To cultivate High Priestess Energy, first, achieve a state of empty presence. The open conduit is the Priestess. Allowing the Divine to move through her and out to others - helping them connect to the Divine.

Listening to the breath helps you develop the sensitivity needed to hear the whispers of the heart and soul by emptying the busyness of the mind. There is a deeper knowing beneath the surface of your thoughts. Your divine feminine intuition that exists.

The Priestess is the vessel, the chalice, through which higher wisdom is received and transmitted to those around her. For some, this will be a beingness and spiritual frequency; for others, it may be sharing offerings and classes - running a spiritual business, being a healer, and guiding others.

The Priestess frequently gathers women to facilitate women's circles and rituals, particularly on the High Holy Days of the Year: Portal days like: 8:8 Lions Gate, 11:11 Stargate, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox, and Samhain.

The Priestess has a strong intuition, is deeply connected to nature, and is aware of the moon and sun phases. Spending more time in nature, emptying one's thoughts, and participating in rituals alone or with others can help cultivate High Priestess energy.


About Light Priest Temple

Light Priestess Temple is a spiritual community of light created to help women on the spiritual path awaken and unlock their divine feminine power and step into their role as the new leaders in the world.

The Temple offers a variety of services, including:

Online Courses + Trainings - The temple provides powerful online Courses: Priestess training, Leaders of light Training. Divine Feminine Power that teaches women about the divine feminine, how to awaken their divine feminine power, and how to use their divine feminine energy to effect change and lead in the world.

Activations, Initiations + Events- The temple also provides in-person & online Code Activations, Initiations and Community Events where you can connect with other women, learn from High Priestess and New Age Leader Jennifer Ashira Ra and participate in sacred ceremonies.

1:1 Mentoring - The temple provides one-on-one mentoring, sessions and private initiations and activations when you are ready to advance on your sacred spiritual path.

Pilgrimage Retreats - Activate your sacred soul lineage when you travel to sacred sites and Pilgrimage Retreats with Light priestess Temple. Jennifer is known for her ability to activate Light Codes, keylines, New Temples of Light and the New Portal openings for the New Golden Age on Earth. Journey to Egypt, Greece, Hawaii-Lemuria, Crete, Bali and remember again your highest soul lineage and advance to your next level.

Membership - Light Temple Collective Membership is the signature Community of Light with exclusive Gatherings, Events and Community to upgrade your spiritual path. Walk with the New Divine Feminine Leaders of New Earth. Receive support, connection, coaching, exclusive events, re-charge and upgrade to your next level within this Membership Community.

The Temple's services will assist your full awakening of your divine feminine power and step into your role as the new leader of light as High Priestess.


Benefits of working with Light Priestess Temple:

  • You will discover your next level divine feminine role in the world.

  • You will be able to fully embody your divine feminine power to create more impact in the world.

  • You will unlock your full sacred potential and become the woman you always knew you are meant to become.

✔️ Become a more Embodied and Effective Leader


✔️ Create Life Changing Transformation within Yourself & for Others.


✔️ Play a bigger Role in Humanity’s Awakening


✔️ Take Control of Your Destiny and Live the Miracle Filled Life You Deserve


  • Do what you Love to Do and Live the Life You truly Want



I encourage you to contact the Light Priestess Temple if you are ready to awaken your divine feminine power and embody your soul’s next level. It is a transformative and powerful path that will change your life and advance you to your souls’ highest evolution.

That is the Priestess path. By fully Embodying your sacred truths and who you truly are - you can then change the world!

Reasons to Attend the High Priestess Initiation Training

Below are the benefits of participating in the High Priestess of the New Golden Age Activation + Initiation Training:

  • You will access the divine feminine history and r2ole in the New Golden Age.

  • You will awaken your divine feminine power and discover how to embody and share all the energies you are receiving to change the world.

  • You will connect directly with the Goddesses and Ascended Masters to activate your souls’ original codes and wisdoms.

  • You will manifest your desires and create abundance in all areas of your life

  • You will be a part of a thriving Priestess Sisterhood and create connection, collaborations and friendships.

  • Receive Rituals, Ceremonies & Practices that you can then activate and share with your community

  • Quantum Leap and Advance to your Soul's next level Evolution  

  • Realize Your Souls Unique Vision + Divine Purpose as a Feminine Leader and Way shower

  • Unlock the full potential of your Divine Feminine Power

  • Heal any Blocks or Limitations to Your Soul's Greatness

  • Embody Clarity and Confidence  


Are you ready to awaken your divine feminine power and take on the role of a leader in the New Golden Age? I strongly recommend attending the High Priestess of the New Golden Age Activation + Initiation Training. It is a transformative and powerful experience that will change your life.

Our dedicated team is committed to creating a sacred atmosphere where you can explore your spiritual path, deepen your connection with the Divine, and receive guidance on activating your divine feminine energy. We offer regular rituals, ceremonies, and community gatherings to support your journey of transformation and self-discovery.

The Light Priestess Temple Courses Shares the next level Wisdoms and Modalities:

  • Divine Feminine Codes Activations

  • How to manifest your desires as the Divine Feminine

  • The role of the divine feminine in the New Golden Age

  • How to connect to Your Souls Divine Feminine Lineage and Divine Feminine Ascended Masters

  • How to Create Ceremony and Practices to activate the Divine Feminine within you and activate others

  • How to awaken your divine feminine power

  • How to use your divine feminine ability to create greater impact & change in the world

  • How to create life and beingness as the Divine Feminine: within your home, your life and your sacred business


The courses will be a supportive and transformative journey for you and women on their path of awakening of all ages and backgrounds. You can connect deeply with other women, share their experiences, and learn from one another. They will also have the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from Jennifer Ashira Ra.

Our knowledgeable vision is excited about guiding you on a path of self-discovery, healing, and true empowerment. We offer transformative courses that will deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine Energy and unleash your true potential by combining ancient wisdom, code activations and modern embodied practices.

The Light Priestess Temple is a strong force for the new activated Divine Feminine Energy rising now. Our temple is dedicated to helping you to breakthrough, awaken to your divine feminine power.  Fully embodying it to make the world more awakened, just and compassionate.

Walk with Light Priestess Temple and Activate your highest destiny.

Unlock the transformative power of the High Priestess within you and activate your Divine Feminine Energy. Contact Light Priest Temple today to learn more about our High Priestess Courses, Events, Membership, Pilgrimages, and personal 1:1 Session Guidance from Jennifer Ashira Ra.

Take the first step towards embracing your true spiritual potential and embarking on a journey of self-discovery, wisdom, and empowerment.

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