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Goddess Priestess Training Embrace the Sacred Path of Divine Feminine Empowerment

Do you feel called to serve the divine feminine? Do you want to learn how to help others with your spiritual gifts? In such case, you might be interested in becoming a Goddess Priestess. If so, welcome to the transformative world of Goddess Priestess Training, a sacred journey that empowers individuals to expose their divine feminine wisdom, grace, and power.


The esteemed Jennifer Ashira RA will lead our online training program; you will explore self-discovery, spiritual growth, and priestess initiation.


Who is Goddess Priestess?

A Goddess priestess is a woman who devotes her life to the service of the divine feminine. She links the material and spiritual worlds and uses her abilities to help others connect with their inner divinity.


Being a Goddess Priestess entails reintroducing the Sacred Feminine's Love to the Earth. The Goddess is everywhere and created everything.

She is the life that sings in all that exists, and she is infinite love and pure creation. She is the Earth that feeds us and gives birth to seeds. She is our planet in a galaxy and the entire universe.

She is the air and the source of our life; she is the wind that blows, the fire that warms, and the water that nourishes us and flows underground, in rivers and the sea. In the infinite cosmos, she is the Sun, the Moon, the trees, the animals, the herbs, the fruits, and the stars.

What Happens in Priestess Training Online? Unveiling the Mysteries

In Priestess Training Online, a sacred container is created where participants can connect, learn, and grow in their journey of divine feminine awakening.

Through a combination of live teachings, interactive workshops, sacred rituals, and transformative practices, you will delve into various aspects of the Priestess’s path. Some key elements of the training include:


  • Wisdom Teachings - Receive in-depth teachings on ancient traditions, archetypes, and wisdom practices associated with the priestess path. Explore the mythological stories and symbols that hold the keys to unlocking your priestess power.


  • Sacred Rituals & Ceremonies - Engage in powerful rituals and ceremonies that honor the divine feminine, deepen your connection with the holy, and awaken your intuitive gifts. Learn to create and facilitate sacred spaces that foster healing, transformation, and spiritual growth.


  • Energetic Practices - Discover and explore energetic practices that allow you to harness the divine feminine energy within yourself and channel it for healing, manifestation, and spiritual connection. Develop a deeper understanding of energy work, chakra balancing, and intuitive development.


  • Sacred Arts and Creativity - Embrace your creative expression to connect with the divine. Engage in practices such as sacred dance, sacred art, and sacred music, allowing your creative energy to flow and become a vessel for divine inspiration.


When you connect with the Goddess, you are following in the footsteps of your ancestors as far back as 30,000 years (Goddess figures as old as this have been excavated - she is nothing new!). The journey of the Priestess is one of self-discovery and healing. A trip in which you truly learn about yourself - the light and the shadow.

Purpose of Goddess Priestess Training: Stepping into Your Sacred Calling

The purpose of Goddess Priestess Training is multifaceted, offering profound personal and spiritual growth. Here are some key aspects of the training's purpose:

  • Awakening Your Divine Feminine Essence:

Priestess training catalyzes awakening the dormant aspects of your divine feminine essence. It invites you to embrace your inherent power, intuition, nurturing nature, and connection with the cycles of nature.

  • Becoming a Channel for Divine Healing:

As a priestess, you become a conduit for divine healing energy. The training will teach you sacred healing practices, develop your intuitive abilities, and cultivate deep compassion and empathy to support others on their healing journey.

  • Honoring Sacred Ritual and Ceremony

The training provides a deep understanding of sacred rituals and ceremonies, allowing you to create and facilitate transformative experiences for yourself and others. You will learn the art of constructing rituals that honor life transitions, celebrate sacred moments, and bring healing and connection to communities.

  • Creating Sacred Space

Priestess training empowers you to create sacred spaces infused with love, harmony, and divine energy. Whether in a physical temple, a virtual gathering, or everyday life, you will learn the art of holding space and creating environments that foster spiritual growth, healing, and transformation.

Best Charms to Attend Our Godess Temple Teaching

Exploring sacred archetypes is essential in the realm of Goddess Priestess Training. These archetypes represent various aspects of the divine feminine and can help you on your priestess journey. Among the prominent archetypes you will encounter are:

The High Priestess – They embody wisdom, intuition, and the ability to communicate with higher realms. Learn to access and trust your intuitive guidance, receive divine wisdom, and navigate the unseen realms with grace and clarity as you explore the mysteries of the High Priestess.

The Oracle - Discover the power of the Oracle archetype as you practice divination and learn various types of oracle reading, such as tarot, runes, and other sacred divination tools. Discover the secrets of the universe and harness your inner strength.

The Healer - Accept the role of the Healer archetype and learn sacred healing modalities to support your own and others' well-being. Explore energy healing, herbalism, sacred bodywork, and other transformative practices to promote profound healing and restoration.

The Warrior Priestess - Tap into the Warrior Priestess archetype's strength and courage as you step into your power and advocate for justice, equality, and spiritual liberation. Learn to set boundaries, defend your beliefs, and effect positive change in the world around you.

You are cordially invited to Light Priest Temple - The Temple Priest Training Program to Remember and Empower your Sacred Gifts. You can join at any time in this self-initiation to dive deep into mastering the Art of Sacred Inner Union and Tantric Alchemy to Facilitate Transformation and Spiritual Activation.

Our mission is to teach people about Goddess. In-person and online, we offer a diverse range of original, authentic, inspired, informative, soul-infused, creative, and transformative Goddess-centered workshops and longer training. The mysteries, landscape, and culture of the Isle of Avalon and other sacred lands are the foundation for these teachings.


Our mission is to awaken the Goddess within us while empowering those we teach to discover, become, and express their true selves in the world.

Duration of Goddess Priestess Training – What Current & Next?

As the wheel of the year rotates with the seasons, you connect with a series of Goddesses over three years (or spirals, as we call them), learning that you are a fertile space from which all life can grow and that aspects of each Goddess have something to teach you and are, in fact, within you.

We go between worlds to gain wisdom and healing, remove emotional blocks, and solve problems as priestesses. We connect with the Goddess in all her incarnations, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Our training teaches us to stop, listen, and still the busyness and faff in the silence. As we grow older, we learn to surrender, let go, and be at peace truly.


The training, as well as the experiential process, are life-changing. When you finish, you will have a new set of skills, and your entire outlook on life will have changed. A powerful and compassionate sisterhood of other Priestesses provides ongoing support. Goddess connects them and is always there for you, never judging and never disappointing you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Who is Goddess Priestess Training for?

Goddess Priestess Training is for anyone who feels called to explore the divine feminine path, connect with their inner Goddess, and deepen their spiritual journey. It is open to individuals of all genders and backgrounds who have a genuine interest in embracing the wisdom and power of the Goddess within.

Q2 - Do I need prior experience or knowledge to participate in the training?

No prior experience or knowledge is required to participate in Goddess Priestess Training. The program is designed to meet you wherever you are spiritually. Whether new to spiritual practices or having some experience, the training will provide you with the necessary guidance and teachings to support your growth and development.

Q3 - How long does the training program last?

The duration of the Goddess Priestess Training program may vary depending on the specific offering and curriculum. Some programs are designed to span a few weeks or months, while others may be ongoing with a flexible structure. It is best to check the details of the specific training program you are interested in to determine its duration.

Q4 - Can I participate in Goddess Priestess Training if I follow a specific religious or spiritual path?

Absolutely! Goddess Priestess Training is inclusive and honors individuals from all religious and spiritual backgrounds. The training focuses on the universal principles of the divine feminine and encourages participants to connect with their unique spiritual beliefs and practices.

Q5 - Will I receive a certification upon completion of the training?

Upon completing Goddess Priestess Training, you may receive a certificate of completion or a priestess initiation, depending on the program. These certifications serve as a recognition of your dedication, growth, and commitment to the priestess path.


However, it's important to note that the true essence of the training lies in your transformation and connection with the divine feminine rather than a certification.

Q6 - Can I incorporate the teachings and practices learned in training into my spiritual work or business?

Yes, absolutely! The teachings and practices learned in Goddess Priestess Training can be integrated into your spiritual practice or professional work.


Whether you wish to incorporate the wisdom of the Goddess into your healing practice, facilitate rituals and ceremonies, or deepen your connection with the divine feminine, the training provides a solid foundation for your spiritual growth and creative expression.

Q7 - Is there ongoing support and community available after the training?

Many Goddess Priestess Training programs offer ongoing support and the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of fellow participants. This may include access to online forums, group discussions, mentoring, or continued learning opportunities. The sense of community and support can be invaluable as you continue to deepen your priestess journey beyond the training.

Q8 - How can I enroll in Goddess Priestess Training at Light Priest Temple?

To enroll in Goddess Priestess Training at Light Priest Temple, visit our website and navigate to the Training or Programs section. You will find detailed information about the current offerings, including registration details, dates, and any prerequisites. Follow the instructions to secure your place in the training and embark on a transformative journey of divine feminine empowerment.

Join the Goddess Priestess Training at Light Priest Temple!

Led by Jennifer Ashira RA, a renowned priestess, and expert in activating feminine energy, the Goddess Priestess Training at Light Priest Temple offers a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth.


Embark on this sacred path and unlock the full potential of your divine feminine essence.

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