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Isis Goddess: The Sacred & Mysterious Divine Feminine

Blessings Beloved, Priestess, Visionary and Divine Feminine Creatrisse. If you are reading this, it is not by coincidence, but by a divine appointment, a knowing within you, a soul calling woven by the wings of destiny. You stand at the gateway into the powerful realm of the Isis Goddess, a beacon that radiates her divine wisdom from the beginning of time into the knowing of remembrance within you. She will call you. Invite you back to the Temple to remember again. You are guided here by the ethereal currents of cosmic energy, understand that you are about to walk a spiritual journey that will delve into the sacred mysteries of the Divine Feminine and bring you back to your truth and wisdom, all guided by the nurturing hand of the Goddess Isis.

And with the guidance of Light Priestess Temple this is your sanctuary of transformation and remembrance. A sacred space where the mystery teachings of Goddess Isis are shared in sacred courses, workshops, and code activations. Directly Channelled to open a remembrance, a spark within to awaken your intuition, your original codes and unlock your sacred potential.

Are you wanting to connect with Goddess isis? To fully Remember again your sacred lineage and original codes? Receive the ancient practices, ceremonies and guidance to fully immerse as a Priestess of Isis at Light Priestess Temple.


Who is The Isis Goddess?

Egyptian Goddess Isis , (Ausset is her name in Egyptian ) widely revered for her roles as a mother, healer, and protector. She is often depicted seated on a throne and is sometimes shown holding an Ankh, the symbol of life. Isis is part of the Ennead of Heliopolis, a family of nine deities that also includes her husband Osiris and her son Horus. She gained prominence for her magical abilities, including the power to resurrect her slain husband, making her a symbol of resurrection and eternal life. Isis -Ausset (her name in Egyptian ) practiced the ancient art of the Blue Lotus and the alchemy of the Goddess. Etched on the walls of the Temple of Isis in Philae, the Blue Lotus is revered and honored as a part of the ceremonies of the Priestesses of Isis. The Lotus is the Divine Feminine cycles of beginnings and endings of the Goddess. Isis is the Feminine Sun with with the stair step to Heaven shown on her head.

The Isis Temple is the school of High Relationship, Sacred Sexuality and Healing. Mary Magdalene was a high initiate of the school of High Relationship at the Temple of isis. To remember the ancient mystery teachings in her work as beloved partner to Jesus.


Over time, her worship spread beyond Egypt, leaving a lasting imprint on various cultures and spiritual practices.

Decoding The Eternal Echoes of Goddess Isis

The power with Goddess Isis is not limited to a certain era, it is written on the walls of the Temples and within you. She is a recurring essence, a symbol of eternal feminine wisdom that has imprinted its powerful resonance across cultures, civilizations, and epochs. She is a force that transcends mere mythology, embodying a complex blend of magical talents, nurturing motherhood, and profound spiritual guidance. She is the great orchestral conductor of the celestial ballet – a symphony of resurrection, transformation, and divine equilibrium.

Sacred Alchemy & Deep Transmutation With Jennifer Ashira Ra

I have walked the halls of the Temple of isis of Philae, Egypt set upon the Lake of Aswan and share the wisdoms with our Membership. The Light Code Activations and Courses at Light Priestess Temple open and activate you to your next level. By activating your original soul codes We offer new courses such as the “Egyptian Symbol of Life Creation Codes Activation”, Trainings from the Crystalline Temple of isis

High Priestess of the New Golden Age “Initiation + Activation Online Course. Each course is a remembrance of the Codes you Hold within your soul, becoming a catalyst for your truest knowings to open again. Receive the practices, ceremonies and teachings of Isis, and the goddesses. Renewing your sense of self and ultimately, acting as a catalyst for your personal awakening within the nurturing wings of Goddess Isis.

But that’s not all. Beyond these structured courses, we offer one-on-one channelled sessions, accessing the deep connection with the Isis Goddess to help you overcome energetic blocks, clear and heal timelines, unlock your full sacred potential and access your souls sacred lineage to fulfill your soul’s unique mission and purpose.

Are you called to walk your souls sacred lineage?

Dive deeper with Private Initiations and Activations Sessions helping you access your Soul’s next level on your sacred path of awakening. Activate your souls highest codes with Isis and the highest beings of Light, Gods/Goddesses and Ascended Masters.

Unveiling The Cosmic Harmony of Isis Goddess

The energies of Isis Goddess are the resplendent rays of an eternal star, guiding you towards her Wings of Light. She embodies the archetype of the mother, the healer, and divine femininity. Isis is the symbol of nurturing and empowerment, an inexhaustible reservoir of intuitive wisdom, and an ethereal gateway to unparalleled quantum expansion. She will immerse you with a celestial union of courage and vulnerability, strength and softness, grounding both polarities earthly concerns with celestial insights.


When you align with who you truly are and remember again, all comes into union and resonance for you. Feel it now within you. Your remembrance.

The Uniqueness of Light Priestess Temple

Light Priestess Temple is devoted to fulfilling your desire for connection with the divine— that is the foundation for your sacred path. Our courses, channelled directly from Source and the Goddess created by Jennifer Ashira Ra, are the trainings for you to to channel these divine energies of the Isis Goddess into your life. Sister, Allow your inner divine aspects to embody, awaken, and transcend.

Building A Global Community of Light

At Light Priestess Temple, you are not just accessing online courses – you are being welcomed home to the global sisterhood + new Community of Light of the visionaries, wayshowers, divine feminine leaders and Creators of the New Earth. When you register for our courses the Goddess becomes your direct teacher of the wisdoms that will be opening within you. Our Code activations will ignite your next level souls expansion within the Light Temple Collective Membership. Our 1:1 Sessions and Private Activations will open and connect you to your souls lineage and highest realms of light. This is your New Community of Light, your safe space and sanctuary to activate and embody who you truly are and always have been.

The Esoteric Echoes of Isis Goddess

In this modern world with chaos and confusion, Isis emerges as an eternal sanctuary, a beacon of wisdom in the storms of ascension into a New Golden Age on Earth. She is the phoenix that eternally rises from her own ashes, healer putting Osiris back into Oneness , the embodiment of alchemical transformation, heralding cycles of death and rebirth, of ending and new beginnings. It is this esoteric wisdom that the Isis path seeks to decipher and disseminate, acting as the sacred link between the hidden and the revealed, between the spiritual and the mundane.

Ascend into Your Divine Blueprint With Isis Goddess!

So, here you stand, at the precipice of your next level soul awakening, at the gateway where the 3D meets the 5D. Are you prepared to open the mystical secrets and wisdoms within you ? That will be activated deep within you by connecting again with Isis Goddess. Activate Your Highest Codes, Your Original Wisdoms and Your Sacred Priestess Lineage. Dive deeper than ever before into our array of Online courses, Trainings, Sessions , Events , and Membership. Each channeled to awaken your inner Goddess and Divine Feminine Power. Unlock your sacred potential and live the life you know you are meant to Live. The sisterhood of Light Priestess Temple and the Membership await your luminous presence, as you step through the golden threshold of your divine destiny. Awaken. Transcend. Be Reborn with the Divine Light of Goddess Isis.

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