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Sacred Frequencies Unleashed: A Journey to Divine Feminine Activation with the Light Temple Collective

In an era where the echoes of transformation reverberate through the cosmos, the Light Priestess Temple emerges as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path to an unprecedented event: the RISE - Activate the Luminous New Divine Feminine World. On April 20, 2024, a gathering unlike any other promises to unlock the sacred power and luminous frequency within us all, marking a pivotal moment in the journey toward a new illuminated age.

The Dawn of a New Era

As we stand on the threshold of a luminous new beginning, the RISE event beckons those ready to embrace their divine luminosity. This unique convergence, set against the backdrop of the awakening Earth, invites us to co-create with open hearts and expand together into the divine light of the New Golden Age. It's a call to those who hear the whispers of the ancients and feel the pulse of the earth beneath their feet, urging us to unlock our sacred power and step into our divine destiny.

Unlocking Sacred Power

With light-code activations, sacred practices, and channeled sound healing, the RISE event is a deep dive into the new illuminated frequencies. Participants will join their soul tribe within the Light Temple Collective, embarking on an epic journey beyond what they have previously experienced. This isn't merely an ordinary event. Rather, it's an extraordinary gateway to a higher state, a partnership that goes beyond any gathering of leaders, intended to spark fresh spirits craving a metamorphosis.

Guided by the Luminaries: The Path to Luminous Embodiment

The heart-led light leaders and creatrisses at the helm of RISE serve as the custodians of this sacred journey. Deborah El’Elia, Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra, Kelly-Anne Head, Kaï Sunrise, and Jeinar Cannio—each a beacon of divine feminine power—will guide participants through a luminous activated voyage into unity and community. Their diverse backgrounds in soul counseling, divine channeling, embodiment guidance, and visionary coaching will illuminate the path to embracing one's rising.

Transformation Awaits

What You Will Receive

Participation in RISE promises more than just attendance at an event; it offers a transformative portal into empowerment, harmony, transformation, authenticity, and community. This gathering is an opportunity to rise into your role as a beacon of feminine power, blending your unique energy with that of the collective to transform the unified field and elevate us all. It's a chance to embrace the bold, new, luminous frequencies of change, illuminating your path and guiding your ascent.

A Tapestry of Collective Awakening

The RISE event weaves together the dawn of a New Age of Light as one, inviting each participant to step into the new frequency of the divine feminine. It's an exploration of the opulent and the luminous, led by guides who embody the essence of transformation. This unique convergence is an invitation to discover the profound shifts that await when we collectively choose to rise.

Answering the Call: Your Invitation to Rise

This is your invitation to step into a realm where your sacred feminine power isn't just acknowledged—it's celebrated and nurtured. The RISE event is more than a gathering; it's a transformative portal inviting you to claim your place as the creator of your life and sacred journey. As we unite in this vibrant tapestry of collective awakening, we embrace the epic and the ethereal, uniting in a call that celebrates the power of community.

Are you ready to feel more deeply connected, heart-aligned, and fully step into your divine luminosity? This is RISE—an invitation to embrace your rising, to be bold, to embody the new luminous frequencies, to stand in your truth, and to share your wisdom and soul gifts with an eager world. To become an integral part of the new divine feminine world rising.

The Final Word

Together, we open the doors to a New Age of Light, uniting in purpose, passion, and power. Feel the call to RISE with us, beloved. Join us on April 20th and become part of a global movement of women reclaiming their power, their voices, and their rightful place in the tapestry of the universe. Let's ascend together, transforming ourselves and the world around us, one bold, luminous step at a time.

By stepping into this radiant convergence, you are not just participating in an event; you are igniting the divine feminine within and around you, co-creating a ripple of transformation that will echo through the ages. This is more than a moment; it's a movement. Are you ready to rise?

Join RISE Here and be a part of co-creating the New Luminous Divine Feminine World. Your soul has called you to this moment—will you answer?

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