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Light Code Activations, Sacred Practices + Channelled Sound Healing

Live the New Illuminated Frequencies


APRIL 20, 2024

10AM -12PMPT  |  1PM ET  |  6PM London

LIVE Online with Replay

14 DAYS FREE TRIAL for New Subscribers

Co-Create with our open Hearts and Expand together the divine light

of the New Golden Age.

Join with your soultribe in Light Temple Collective 

Unlock YOUR Sacred Power and Luminous Frequency.



Our Love Opens the New Luminous World.

The New Temple Rises 

Solstice activation-40_edited.jpg

Are you Ready to break free from playing small and open yourself to the limitless New Paradigm?Live from the Heart,

Be deeply Connected 

and fully Embody your Divine Luminosity.


RISE + Join with Us

in the Temple on April 20th Online for an EPIC journey

beyond what you have experienced.

Share LIVE, Connect and Co-Create the New Illuminated frequency

of New Earth. 

RISE is the Collaboration that transcends any summit gathering. This is a two-hour luminous activated voyage into unity and community, designed to activate souls eager for transformation. Access the New Paradigm. 

EXPERIENCE epic, sumptuous practices, luscious divine feminine embodiment, code activations, Goddess Sekhmet Activation and healing that are not merely events, but a union within a vibrant community, Light Temple Collective Membership. 

Each moment is a stepping stone towards the realization of your radiant potential, set against the backdrop of luscious and luminous practices.


Together with five powerful HEART LED Light Leaders and Creatrisses leading this Activation, we invite you to step through the gateway into your shimmering, opalescent potential. 



Are You a YES to Your Rising?


Step into a realm where your sacred feminine power isn't just acknowledged—it's celebrated and nurtured. RISE  is more than a gathering; it's a transformative portal where you're invited to claim your place as the creator of your life and sacred journey. This is where harmonization meets transformation, uniting us in a vibrant tapestry of collective awakening.



What YOU Will Receive by joining RISE…


  •   Empowerment: Unlock the divine strength within and rise into your role as a beacon of feminine power.

  •   Harmony: Blend your unique energy with that of the collective, transforming the unified field and elevating us all.

  •   Transformation: Embrace the bold, new luminous frequencies of change, illuminating your path and guiding your ascent.

  •   Authenticity: Stand unshaken in your truth, sharing the vibrancy of your wisdom and the depth of your soul gifts with the world.

  •   Community: Join the leaders soultribe of the divine feminine's RISE, weaving together the dawn of a New Age of Light together as ONE.


RISE is an invitation to step into the New Frequency of the New Divine Feminine , to embrace the epic and the ethereal, and to unite in a call that celebrates the power of community. It's a journey into the heart of healing, an exploration of the opulent and the luminous, led by guides who embody the essence of transformation. Allow yourself to be attracted to this unique convergence, and discover the profound shifts that await when we collectively choose to rise.








We RISE together when we all shine our light and co-lead Humanity into the New Age.



RECEIVE the New Luminous Frequency Channelled Codes and RISE with …



Deborah El’Elia - Soul Counselor, Healer and Planetary Priestess


Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra - High Priestess, Divine Channel for the Angelic Host & Galactic Star Realms


Kelly-Anne Head -  Divine Channel and Golden Earth Code Activator


Kaï Sunrise - Embodiment Guidance, Vocal Activation and Intuitive Healer


Jeinar Cannio -  New Earth Visionary and Happiness Coach





Sister This Is Your Invitation


  • To be bold. 

  • To embody the new luminous frequencies. 

  • To stand in your truth and share your wisdom and soul gifts with an eager world. 

  • To become an integral part of the new divine feminine world rising. 



Together, we open the doors to a New Age of Light,

uniting in purpose, passion, and power.


Feel the Call to RISE with US

Beloved JOIN us on April 20th and become part of a global movement of women reclaiming their power, their voices, and their rightful place in the tapestry of the universe. Let's ascend together, transforming ourselves and the world around us, one bold, luminous step at a time.



RISE 1.jpeg
RISE 2.jpeg
4 copy 2.jpeg
3 copy.png


Be a Part of co-creating the New Luminous Divine Feminine World

Just for RISE Beloveds!

FREE 14 Day Trial

for Light Temple Collective Membership 

New Subscribers

14 Days  FREE just for You!

RISE + Walk with the Divine Feminine Leaders of the New Earth the

Light Temple Collective Membership


Learn More about the Light Temple Collective Membership here 

Need to Re-Subscribe to the Membership? click here




DSC03586_000 2 2_edited.jpg

Jennifer helps Divine Feminine Leaders and Visionaries unlock their full sacred potential to embody their highest divine purpose + destiny.

Jennifers Soul Mission is to Activate Humanity's New Light Codes and usher in the New Golden Age on Earth.

She is a Divine Channel, Mastery Initiator and New Age Leader. 

"My Commitment is to You, and activating what your soul is meant to BE for the world!"

Creator of the Global Community 

Light Priestess Temple, Membership, Courses and Trainings


Jennifer travels to sacred sites activating the new  temples of light and gathering the Leaders of Light on Earth.


Her name means “Giver of Codes”.


She Embodies & Channels the Divine lineages of Isis, Magdalene, Avalon, Sekhmet, Rose Lineage, The Highest Golden Beings of SunTribe and All the Councils of Light.

The Sacred Feminine, Sacred Union. And The Divine Mystery Schools of the Ages. 

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