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Stargate Ascension: Living from Your Heart

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

It is Libra Season of balance and relationship & the new timelines are coming in for your Stargate Ascension. You are Now Opening to new levels and frequencies just as the Cosmos. It's all ONE.

What are you in Relationship with right now?

Have you been tested, almost stripped bare, faced the unknown, completely losing yourself to then find what's really true, had some big lessons on your path this month and are being asked to go deeper than ever before?


You are purifying. There are many levels to Ascension that's now moving into the next higher level of Stargate Ascension as a Planet and Humanity.

We are in PURIFICATION right now. It's not always easy. Transformation is stepping into the unknown and it can be messy...Yes, that's how birthing is sometimes.

I invite you to lean into the change & possible discomfort.

This is your teacher. This is where the gifts are.

To drop into your overflowing, radiant, juicy heart and your deep self love as you walk through your day.

You Move into Freedom and Joy when you go within and overflow from your heart

You are being prepared for your new Stargate timelines coming in on 10:10 Portal + 11:11 Stargate of your souls next level leap of evolution.

I am preparing to journey into my own unknown.

As I pack up my temple in Hawaii as we speak, to journey to the mother Egypt.

I know its divinely in the flow and yet part of me would love to just have everything just as it has been.

Have you ever felt that way?

I feel it's that part of ourselves that just wants what it knows already --the mental mind. But to open a New Golden Age takes new ways, new energy, new awareness and living from the heart-doesn't it?

Beloved What is your soul calling now?

It may be not be what the mind is telling you -- are you pushing it off or are you listening deep within to your souls calling.

Unlocking your Souls original wisdoms and codes is a journey into your heart and letting go of all that isn't serving you.

Activating Your Soul Original Codes is the most direct way to open to your next level and breakthrough to who you truly are and always have been.

I see you.

I know you.

For me it's letting go of my physical home so I can merge with my true home within me.

To activate your soul codes and answer your souls calling will take a new level of support and heart openness

That is what High Community and Soultribe are here for. To help you & support you to Activate who you truly are. So you can share your message, stand in your truth and offer your sacred work and gifts to the world with clarity, certainty and confidence!

Are you wanting a thriving community around you that supports you, welcomes you and are walking inn the same direction as you?

This why we created the Light Temple Collective Membership. To create a community for Us! The Creators, Priestesses, Leaders and Visionaries of the New Golden Age to step into your next level and RISE! Join Here

You don't need to walk alone any longer.

I feel having real Community to walk with during these huge shifts, new energies and stargates can be the difference in fully activating your highest destiny and soul gifts or not.

Your Soul Family is here for you.

Activate Your Original Creator Source Light Codes & Unlock your souls next level wisdoms, soul gifts and divine mission

This is your Path of Stargate Ascension.

Living within your heart and being supported and walking with true Community.

Join with Your Soultribe

& Activate Your Highest Codes.

Light Temple Collective Membership

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