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The Portal Awaits: Stepping into Your Opalescent Potential with the Masters of Luminous Transformation

In the ethereal planes where the very essence of light intertwines to create the tapestry of reality, a beckoning call reverberates, summoning forth those whose hearts are open to embracing their radiant and glorious fate. On April 20, 2024, the Light Priestess Temple opens its ethereal gates for RISE, a sacred convergence destined to ignite the divine feminine essence within. Led by Jennifer Ashira Ra, this gathering promises to be an odyssey of light, sound, and spirit, guiding participants through the veils of the mundane into the heart of divine illumination.

Embarking on a Journey of Light

A Cosmic Convergence

The RISE event marks a pivotal moment in time, a celestial alignment designed to awaken the dormant codes of light within us. As we step into this illuminated frequency together, we engage in a cosmic dance of rebirth and renewal, co-creating the divine light of the New Golden Age. This is your invitation to unlock sacred power and step into a realm where your divine luminosity shines forth, guided by the wisdom of the ancients and the vibrancy of the earth itself.

The Sacred Practices of Illumination

At the core of RISE lies a series of light-code activations, sacred practices, and channeled sound healings. These are the keys to unlocking our highest potential, tools provided by the masters of luminous transformation to guide us on our path. Each practice is a stepping stone toward realizing our opalescent potential, set against the backdrop of luscious and luminous rituals that beckon us closer to our divine essence.

Guided by the Masters

The Guardians of the Temple

Jennifer Ashira Ra, alongside a cadre of heart-led light leaders and creatrisses, serves as the beacon for this transformative journey. These masters of luminous transformation—Deborah El’Elia, Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra, Kelly-Anne Head, Kaï Sunrise, and Jeinar Cannio—bring forth their unique gifts of soul counseling, divine channeling, embodiment guidance, and visionary coaching. They are the architects of ascension, each contributing to the tapestry of our collective awakening with their profound insights and healing energies.

The Luminous Path Forward

This gathering transcends the conventional, offering a divine convergence that promises not just epic activations and practices but a soulful union within a vibrant community. As participants, we are invited to step through the gateway into our shimmering, opalescent potential, embracing the divine luminosity that awaits us on this sacred journey of transformation.

The Gifts of the Divine Feminine Awakening

Empowerment, Harmony, Transformation

By joining RISE, you are stepping into a transformative portal where empowerment, harmony, and transformation are not just ideals but lived experiences. This event invites you to rise into your role as a beacon of feminine power, blending your unique energy with the collective to elevate us all. It is a call to embrace the bold, new, luminous frequencies of change, illuminating your path and guiding your ascent into the heart of the divine feminine.

A Communal Tapestry of Awakening

RISE weaves together the dawn of a New Age of Light as ONE, uniting us in a vibrant tapestry of collective awakening. This journey is an exploration of the opulent and the luminous, led by guides who embody the essence of transformation. It is a unique convergence that invites profound shifts, beckoning us to rise together into the heart of healing and empowerment.

Answering the Call to Rise

This is your moment to embrace the call to divine luminosity, to stand bold in your truth, and to share your wisdom and soul gifts with the world. RISE is an invitation to step into the new frequency of the divine feminine, to unite with your soul tribe, and to co-create the illuminated reality we all yearn for.

The Final Word

Together, let's embark on a journey of growth and progress, elevating ourselves and the world around us with each courageous and radiant step we take. The portal awaits, beloved. Will you step through?

Join RISE Here and become a part of co-creating the New Luminous Divine Feminine World. Your journey to opalescent potential begins now.

The Light Priestess Temple and Jennifer Ashira Ra invite you to this monumental event, a beacon of transformation in these pivotal times. Are you ready to rise?


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