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Unity in Illumination: Co-Creating the Divine Feminine World Through Light Code Activations

In an age where the tapestry of reality is woven with threads of light and darkness, the call for unity and illumination has never been more profound. The Light Priestess Temple, a sanctum of sacred knowledge and divine power, beckons us to a pivotal gathering: the RISE - an event dedicated to activating the luminous new divine feminine world. On April 20, 2024, we are invited to transcend the ordinary, rise into the new illuminated frequency, and co-create the divine light of the New Golden Age.

The Beacon of Transformation

The RISE event is not merely an assembly; it is the harbinger of a new dawn, a luminous activated voyage into unity and community. Under the auspices of the Light Temple Collective Membership, this gathering is a profound call to unlock our sacred power and luminous frequency, to align our hearts with the divine light that is ushering in the New Golden Age.

Activating the Luminous Path

The journey toward the new divine feminine world is paved with light code activations, sacred practices, and channeled sound healing. These are the keys to unlocking the door to a realm where the divine feminine power is not just recognized but revered and where every soul is invited to partake in the creation of a new luminous reality.

Guided by Divine Light Leaders

The Architects of Ascension

At the forefront of this transformative expedition are five heart-led light leaders and creatrisses, each a conduit of divine wisdom and power. Deborah El’Elia, Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra, Kelly-Anne Head, Kaï Sunrise, and Jeinar Cannio unite to guide us through this sacred activation, offering their unique gifts to facilitate our journey towards divine luminous embodiment.

Embracing the Divine Luminosity Within

This eclectic gathering of souls promises to transcend the conventional, offering not just epic practices and activations but a deep, soulful union within a vibrant community. As we step through the gateway into our shimmering potential, we are reminded that this is more than a summit; it is a collective leap into the heart of divine femininity, a journey of healing, empowerment, and profound transformation.

The Gifts of the Journey

Empowerment, Harmony, and Transformation

Joining RISE is an invitation to immerse oneself in the opulent and luminous frequencies of the new divine feminine world. Here, empowerment is not just a concept but a lived experience as we unlock the divine strength within and rise into our roles as beacons of feminine power. Harmony becomes our guiding principle, blending our unique energies with the collective to elevate us all. Transformation is the path we walk, embracing the bold, new, luminous frequencies of change that illuminate our ascent.

The Communal Tapestry of Awakening

This journey is a testament to the power of community, as we join the leaders' soul tribe of the divine feminine's RISE, weaving together the dawn of a New Age of Light as ONE. Together, we co-create the divine feminine world, uniting in purpose, passion, and power to open the doors to a new era of illumination and love.

Join the Luminous Divine Feminine World

Are you feeling the call to embrace your divine luminosity, to be bold, to stand in your truth, and to share your wisdom and soul gifts with the world? This is your moment to step into the new frequency of the divine feminine, join hands with your soul tribe, and co-create the illuminated reality we all yearn for.

The Bottom Line

Let us ascend together, transforming ourselves and the world around us, one bold, luminous step at a time. The RISE event is not just an opportunity; it is a call to action for all who dare to dream of a brighter world, a divine invitation to be part of co-creating the New Luminous Divine Feminine World.

Join RISE Here and answer the call to rise. Together, we shine our light and co-lead humanity into the New Age, radiating the new luminous frequency channeled codes and embracing the divine feminine power that resides within us all.

Let's rise together, beloveds, for in unity and illumination, we find our strength, our purpose, and our destiny.


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