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Spiritual Community Women: Fully Embrace Your Self-Awakening and Divine Feminine Power

Sister, do you feel a knowing within you? A remembrance of sacred ways?

Are you wanting to dive deeper into the priestess arts and learn how to embody the sacred ways within you? If so, welcome to Light Priest Temple, which provides sacred and transformative Priestess Training courses. Discover the ancient wisdom, rituals, and practices that will empower you to become a Priestess, embody the Divine Feminine Energy, and step into your soul’s full sacred potential.

Are you seeking a more soul connection, healing, finding others on the path, true sisterhood and next level awakening on your spiritual growth? You no longer need to walk alone. Beloved You are home! Light Priest Temple is your sacred haven, a nurturing spiritual community exclusively designed for women on the spiritual path and the new divine feminine leaders of New Earth.

Sister, we invite you to open to your next level of self-awakening and join our thriving community of like-minded women dedicated to embracing their authentic selves and unleashing their inner sacred power.

Join us to explore the power of spiritual community for women.

archetype await your exploration. The High Priestess is a powerful figure who embodies the divine feminine energy and powers and plays a crucial role in activating its transformative power.


We all do! You might be in a transition right now, wanting to align with your truest Self, concerned about the well-being of the Earth, no longer resonating with your previous life and now ready to open to something new. You are ready to change and transition to a new way of being, but it isn’t easy to do so alone. This is where you find help on your journey of self-healing, awakening, true empowerment, next level growth, sisterhood and connection.

We cultivate and grow together in our self-awakening - The Divine Feminine is Awakening and Rising again...

Embody your full authenticity in the world by becoming your best version of yourself-the woman you have always known you are meant to become.

Sister Walk with us and build….

  • New Community of Light for the New Age

  • Empowerment to fully stand in your truth and share your message with the world in support of our beloved Earth

  • Living mindfully in the present moment

  • Connection in Your life, Sisterhood with a thriving Community of likeminded tribe

  • And Embody more Confidence and Clarity on your soul path


An empowered women's spiritual community is a group who gather to uplift and support each other! We are all finding each other again. You no longer need to walk alone. It’s no longer the hero’s journey.  Connect with your spiritual family and tribe while supporting each other on our unique spiritual journey’s.

Community Circles. Gatherings. Activations. Membership and Pilgrimage Retreats. Are ways we connect with each other. These communities can be online or in-person, based on love, kindness, inclusion and support. And committed to your awakening and next level transformation.

Who Needs Spiritual Community for Women?

The Role of Spiritual Community in Self-Awakening

Self-awakening is the process of becoming aware of your truest self. The sacred journey of discovering your inner wisdom, your intuition, and your power by releasing all that no longer serves you. Your Spiritual community can play a powerful role in your self-awakening. By walking with other likeminded sisters, you receive the support, nourishment, and the love that opens your gifts and helps you to remember again. Who you truly are and what you came here to do. You see your reflection within the eyes of your sister.

When you join a spiritual community of women like Light Priestess Temple, you will be surrounded by other women and divine feminine leaders on the path just like you. You will feel aligned and inspired by this. You can share your wisdom, and experiences and receive a deeper understanding from one another's experiences. A spiritual community can also connect you with new resources, new collaborations, wisdom, and guidance to help you on your path.

We at Light Priest Temple understand the significance of your importance to the planet & your self-awakening and the value of a supportive community on this journey. Our women's spiritual community is a sacred space where you can explore your true essence, connect with your inner wisdom, and navigate the path of self-discovery.

You will find a haven of love, acceptance, and empowerment here.

Mission Statement

Our community is a sacred space to empower the New Divine Feminine Leaders of New Earth and women on their path of Awakening. By connecting, remembering, and activating their highest sacred potential and unlocking their truest power. Through joining our events, membership, and gatherings. When we Connect as One on the path. Together we open the New Golden Age on Earth.

Spiritual community women provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your spirituality without judgment. They can also offer opportunities for women to learn from one another and share their experiences.

Even more, women’s spiritual communities can provide women with strength and inspiration as they navigate their lives.

This is why walking with Community is so important right now. To be fully heard, seen, and witnessed in your greatness. This is why I created Light Priestess Temple- I was looking for a community for my path…So I created one!


How Does Our Spiritual Community for Women Help?

At Light Priest Temple, our Sacred space is the spiritual new community of light for women. Walking with us can help in numerous ways, including:

Unconditional Support and Connection - Being part of a spiritual community provides a sense of belonging and connection. Surrounding yourself with like-minded women who understand and support your journey can be profoundly empowering. In our society, you will find a network of sisters who uplift, inspire, and walk alongside you on your path.


Guidance from Experienced Mentors – The Light Priest Temple is led by Jennifer Ashira RA, a renowned new age leader + High Priestess, and expert in activating the New Codes for Humanity and the New Divine feminine energy. With her guidance and the wisdom of our experienced mentors who are just ahead of you on the path, you will receive invaluable teachings, tools, and practices to navigate your spiritual journey with confidence and clarity.


Rituals, Initiations, and Ceremonies - Our spiritual community offers a rich tapestry of sacred ways and ceremonies that nourish your soul, activate your highest codes, and deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine. These rituals serve as potent catalysts for self-awakening, healing, and transformation, helping you tap into your innate wisdom and spiritual gifts. Code Activations and connecting to the highest realms of light will accelerate your path and open your next-level gifts and mastery.

Empowering Workshops & Courses - Light Priest Temple provides diverse workshops and courses tailored to women's spiritual growth. From Priestess Training to Divine Feminine Awakening, these offerings are designed to empower you, awaken your divine potential, and enhance your self-awareness.


Community, Membership, and Pilgrimage Retreats - Immerse yourself in our Membership Community and next level Pilgrimage retreats, where you can experience profound shifts in consciousness and connect with the collective wisdom of the sisterhood. Activate the Light Codes of New Earth at the Sacred Sites on the planet with our Community of Light. These gatherings create sacred spaces for quantum healing, celebration, and spiritual expansion, allowing you to forge lifelong connections with soul sisters.

The Light Priestess Temple is a women's spiritual community dedicated to helping women awaken to who they truly are at the highest level and unlock their divine feminine power. The temple offers various services, including online courses, in-person workshops, Light Temple Collective Membership, Facebook Community, and one-on-one Sessions and Initiations. These services are all designed to help you connect with your divine feminine power and embody it to open your next level. When we activate and expand higher, we create change in the world. This opens the New Age.

Reasons to Join Our Haven – Women’s Spiritual Community

The Light Priestess Temple believes women's spiritual communities are essential for Opening the New Golden Age on Earth. Light Priestess Temple believes that when women come together to support each other and share their gifts, they can create a powerful force for good in the world and open the New Age of Light.

The Divine Feminine is the creative energy that births your next level opening and the New Age for all.

Here are some of the benefits of being a part of our Divine women's spiritual community:

  • Learn + Embody - Women's spiritual communities allow you to learn from one another and share your experiences on the path.


  • nspiration - Spiritual communities for women can provide you with strength and inspiration as you navigate the new energies, breakthroughs, and awakening in your life.


  • Support- Women's spiritual communities can provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your true self, and heal any blocks or limiting beliefs without judgment.

  • Create Change - When women come together to support one another and share their gifts it changes the world! Women’s spiritual communities are a powerful force for good in the world. And Light Priestess Temple is leading this.

Light Priest Temple: Your Best Online Women's Spiritual Community Near Me

Light Priest Temple is the perfect women's online spiritual community near you. Our sanctuary is a safe and welcoming environment where women on the path of the awakening of all backgrounds and spiritual paths can share, grow, and support one another.

Our temple, led by Jennifer Ashira RA, is well-known for its next-level transformative offerings and the empowerment it provides to women on their spiritual journeys.

With Light Priest Temple, you will experience:

  • A community that celebrates diversity, oneness, fostering a sense of inclusivity and divine acceptance.

  • An environment that honors the Divine Feminine and supports the awakening of feminine energy and unlocking your full sacred potential within you.

  • A space that empowers you to step into your authentic self and embrace your unique spiritual path and gifts.

  • Access to teachings and practices that nourish your soul, expand your consciousness, awaken your highest codes, and ignite your next level of self-awakening.

  • Lifelong connections, and collaborations with like-minded women who will walk beside you on your journey, offering support, inspiration, and love.

If you are looking for a safe and sacred online spiritual community women can help you awaken your divine feminine energy. Then you are home!

Light Priestess Temple is the perfect place for you. The temple offers a safe and supportive space for women to explore and provides the tools and resources they need to bring revolution to the world.


We offer various services that can help you connect with your divine feminine power and use it to create change in the world.

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