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Embrace Your Multi-Dimensional Star Seed Lineage

Are you drawn to the Oceans? Or drawn to other galaxies and star constellations?

There are many signs you have starseed lineage.

Oceans Dolphins and Whales are the Pleiadian Energy - the beginning of Lemuria. One of the many star seed lineages.

The concept of star seed has been buzzing for centuries, but it has gained popularity as Humanity is waking up to who they truly are.

If you feel a YES within your body to the word “Starseed”. Then you may have lived past incarnations in other dimensions and star systems. You hold powers and wisdoms far advanced from what we have here on Earth right now.

Starseeds are from other planets and from different dimensions. They are advanced beings - having been where we are as a planet millions of years or millions of ages ago. Their wisdom - your wisdom - is here to help humanity break free and ascend to a higher frequency and a New Age of Light.

Starseeds main purpose is to help raise the planet's vibration and create a new era of peace and love. They are often highly intuitive and sensitive and may have a strong sense of purpose.


Do you feel the star seed symbol inspires your energy, and you want to delve into deeper meaning? Let’s do it…

Welcome to Light Priest Temple, where we delve into the mystical realm of star seeds and empower you to embrace your truest cosmic destiny and soul lineage. We share  insights and transformative courses to help you unlock your hidden cosmic potential.

Join us on this journey as we explore the depths of star seeds and their significance in spiritual traditions.

Star Seeds: Meaning in Christianity and Beyond

Star seeds have captivated the hearts and minds of spiritual seekers throughout history. In Christianity, the star seed is associated with divine intervention and sacred messengers. According to biblical accounts, the Star of Bethlehem guided the wise men to the birthplace of Yeshua, signifying the divine significance of star seed energy.

Beyond Christianity, star seeds are revered in numerous cultures and spiritual practices. They are believed to be celestial souls incarnated on Earth to bring forth spiritual evolution and awakening. These enlightened beings connect deeply to the cosmos, embodying profound wisdom and spiritual gifts.


Types of Star seeds

What is Your Star seed Lineage? They’re said to be 22 star races with infinite number of star systems and star seeds. Here are a few of the most popular on Earth.

  • Archangelic star seeds - These stars help bring a new era of peace and love. They are often highly intuitive and sensitive and may have a strong sense of purpose.


  • Pleiadian star seed - These star seeds come from the Pleiades star cluster. They are known for their wisdom, compassion, and love.


  • Arcturian star seeds - These star seeds come from the Arcturus star system. They are known for their intelligence, creativity, and technological prowess.


  • Sirian star seeds - These star seeds come from the Sirius star system. They are known for their wisdom, courage, and leadership. Connected to the Pyramids at Giza - as above so below. The Sirius Portal opens on August 8th - 8:8 Lions gate every year. Where the sun, Sirius and Earth are in direct alignment over the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.


  • Andromedan starseeds -  Are Beings of Light who are dedicated to bringing new technologies and holistic forms of healing to the whole Universe. They also strive to assist other star- nations to live in pease and unity.


  • Venusian star seeds - These star seeds come from the planet Venus. Also called Hathors. They are known for their love, beauty, and harmony.


  • Lyran Starseeds - Lion people. Feline and Bird like-Lyrans.  Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy. Their knowledge is said to have contributed to Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as the element on fire.


Tune in - what star seed lineage resonated with you?

Star Seed Symbols

Many different symbols are associated with star seeds. Some of the most common include:

  • Star: The star is a symbol of hope, light, and guidance.

  • lotus flower: The lotus flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.

  • heart is a symbol of love, compassion, and healing.

  • rainbow: The rainbow is a symbol of hope, peace, and new beginnings.

  • spiral: The spiral symbolizes growth, evolution, and transformation.


How to Connect with Your Starseed Energy?

If you are feeling called to connect with your Starseed energy, there are a few things you can do:

Meditate - Meditation is a great way to connect with your inner guidance and tap into your starseed energy.

Do energy work - Energy work, such as Reiki or crystal healing, can help to clear blockages and open you up to your starseed energy.

Spend time in nature - Nature is a powerful source of healing and inspiration. Spending time in nature can help you to connect with your Starseed energy.

Read about star seeds – Star seeds can help you learn more about your origins and purpose.

Connect with other star seeds - Many online and in-person communities for star seeds exist.


Connecting with other star seeds can help you to feel supported and understood.


Is Starseed Concerned with Divine Feminine Energy?


Yes, star seeds are often concerned with divine feminine energy. Especially the Andromedans who embody the balance of Divine masculine and feminine within themThe divine feminine is the energy of love, compassion, and intuition. Starseeds are here to help bring about a new era of balance and harmony, and they believe that the divine feminine is essential to this process.

And the Venusians - linked to Egyptian Goddess Hathor and her star temple of Dendera, Egypt. Carry the Codes of the Venus Constellation and the lineage held within the Hathor Priestess line. Birthing from the stars. Hathors Star chamber ceremonies of sound and frequency, fertility, dance and beauty all hold the sacred star seed codes of the Venusians.

Tune into your connection with the star Venus and the Hathors. The stronger your intuitive YES - the more you know who you truly are.

Star seeds often embody and emanate the divine feminine power characterized by compassion, intuition, and profound wisdom. They bring balance and harmony by honoring the interconnectedness of all life forms and embracing the nurturing qualities of the universe.

By tapping into their star seed essence, you can awaken your divine feminine power and contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness and open the New Golden Earth.

How Does Light Priest Temple Help in Connecting with Star Seed Energy?

Light Priest Temple is a Community of Light helping awakened seekers to connect with their starseed energy.

Like Sirius, The connection to Egypt happens on August 8th - 8:8 Lions Gate this powerful Cosmic alignment of the Earth, Sun + Star Sirius. Jennifer Ashira Ra, New Age Leader and Master Channel at Light Priest Temple, offers an 8:8 Portal Codes Activation Gathering every year open your new codes + activate your awareness to this powerful Alignment with Sirius.

And connecting even deeper to your Starseed energy in the New Divine Feminine Leaders Certification Training: Priestess, Avatar, Oracle + Leader. The new Leaders of 5D New  Earth are multi-dimensional and access their entire template of star lineages to activate who they truly are on all levels. The Avatar Pillar of the Leaders Certification Training is dedicated to the quantum field and your star lineage powers coming online within you.

If you feel called to connect with your starseed energy, I encourage you to check out Light Priestess Temple Courses  like Illumined Ones with Mary Magdalene and Goddess Hathor  will activate and deepen your connection to the Venusian Divine Feminine star seed lineage. Jennifer Ashira Ra will help guide you into the mysteries of the Magdalene + Hathor lineage to unlock your full sacred potential.

Through our curriculum, you will embark on a profound journey of self-exploration, Code Activations, and next-level embodiment. Jennifer Ashira Ra’s multi-dimensional ability assisting to create this galaxy and nurturing guidance will help you harness the transformative power of star seeds and ignite your soul’s quantum evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 - How do star seeds connect with divine feminine power?

Star seeds are often associated with the divine feminine power due to their nurturing qualities, intuitive abilities, and commitment to honoring all life's interconnectedness. They embody and radiate the nurturing and compassionate energies of the universe, contributing to the balance and harmony of the collective consciousness.


Q2 -  Are star seeds only associated with Christianity?

Star seeds are not limited to any specific religious or spiritual tradition. While they hold significance in Christianity, star seeds are revered and recognized in various cultures and belief systems. Their presence and influence can be found in spiritual practices and ancient wisdom teachings.


Q3 - How can I identify if I am a star seed?

Identifying as a star seed is a deeply personal and introspective journey. Many individuals experience a strong sense of not fully belonging to Earth and a deep longing for cosmic connection. Suppose you resonate with the idea of having a cosmic origin, a profound sense of purpose, and an innate desire to assist in the spiritual awakening of humanity. In that case, you might be a star seed.


Q4 - How can Light Priest Temple help me connect with my star seed energy?

Light Priest Temple, led by Jennifer Ashira RA, offers transformative courses and guidance to help individuals connect with their star seed energy. Light Priest Temple provides a nurturing and supportive environment to explore and awaken your star seed essence through teachings on star seed symbols, guided meditations, and energetic activations.


Q5 - Are there specific practices to embrace the divine feminine power within me?

Various practices can help you embrace and awaken your divine feminine power. These may include meditation, connecting with nature, embracing self-care and nurturing practices, exploring your intuitive abilities, and honoring the cycles of moon and feminine energy.


Q6 - How can star seeds contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness?

Star seeds play a crucial role in the collective evolution of consciousness by sharing their wisdom, embodying compassion, and awakening others to their divine potential. Through their presence and energetic influence, star seeds inspire others to embrace unity, love, and interconnectedness, ultimately raising the planet's vibrational frequency.


Q7 - Are star seeds meant to fulfill a specific purpose or mission?

Yes, star seeds often have a profound sense of purpose and a mission to assist in humanity's spiritual evolution. This purpose may vary for each individual, but it generally involves sharing wisdom, healing, guiding, and inspiring others on their spiritual path.


Q8 - Can anyone access their star seed energy and embrace their cosmic potential?

Anyone can access their star seed energy and embrace their cosmic potential. It requires self-exploration, inner work, and a willingness to connect with the deeper aspects of oneself. Light Priest Temple provides the necessary guidance and tools to support individuals in this transformative journey.


Q9 - How can I get started with Light Priest Temple's transformative courses?

To get started with Light Priest Temple's transformative courses, visit our website and explore the course offerings led by Jennifer Ashira, RA. Select the course that resonates with you and follow the enrollment process outlined on the website. Embark on a magical journey of self-discovery, star seed activation, and spiritual empowerment.

Join Light Priest Temple!

If you want to learn more about star seeds, I encourage you to visit the Light Priest Temple website www.lightpriestesstemple.com.

Jennifer Ashira RA offers of courses and services that can help you to connect with your Starseed and Multi Dimensional energy and fulfill your divine purpose.

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