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New Divine Feminine Energy & How to Unlock the Power Within for a New Golden Age

Society has limited the Divine Feminine. The power within each womb for Ages. Only want you to speak when spoken to, stay at home, be a wife, and mother, and work to help the family…. Is this all there is?

Where is the space to fully open, walk your soul path and share your sacred gifts and wisdom with the world?

Honoring your path to awaken the Divine Feminine within you is the key that will open you and will open the New Golden Age on earth. The Divine Feminine is the creation, births new life, and holds the ancient wisdom of the planet within her.

Want you to be the divine woman you truly are and always have been?

Divine Feminine is the powerful force within all individuals, regardless of gender. It represents creation, nurturing, devotion, intuition, and compassionate aspects of the Divine. The Divine Feminine is your receptive and nursing wisdom that knows when your child is sick or the perfect thing to say to a friend in need. Your inner guidance.

The Divine Feminine embodied path is your feelings, your body and your sexuality. It creates a Trinity code within you. All must be honored within you. This is who you are. Your sacred foundation of the Divine Feminine within you.

At Light Priest Temple, we invite you to embrace the transformative power of your divine feminine energy and unlock your truest potential. Led by Jennifer Ashira Ra, High Priestess & New Age Leader who activates your highest divine feminine energy through empowering courses, code activations and trainings.  She is dedicated to guiding you on self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Feminine energy represents the nurturing, intuitive, and compassionate aspects of the Divine. It complements and balances the divine masculine attributes of holding space and leading, fostering harmony and wholeness.

Our impact is far-reaching as we witness daily the transformation of countless women who have embraced their divine feminine essence. The testimonials we receive of breakthroughs, healings and next level soul upgrades by walking with our community are amazing! As a result of joining our community and being a part of our Membership, Light Codes Activations and Trainings you will have confidence, clarity, visionary leadership and bring positive change to your communities, families, and the world.

Join with us on the journey of empowerment, and together, let us shape a brighter future.


Divine Feminine Energy Traits

The divine feminine energy encompasses a variety of qualities that, when activated and embodied, can result in profound personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Some of the key elements of feminine energy are:

Nurturing - The divine feminine energy is extremely energizing for both oneself and others. It inspires us to develop compassion, kindness, and a loving presence in our interactions.

Intuition - This sacred energy enhances our intuitive abilities, allowing us to connect with our inner wisdom and guidance. By trusting our intuition, we can make empowered decisions and navigate life.

Creativity - The divine feminine energy stimulates our imagination and encourages us to be authentic. It motivates us to embrace our unique gifts and talents, creating new ideas and artistic endeavors.

Sensuality - Sensuality is a natural aspect of the divine feminine energy. It invites us to cultivate a close relationship with our bodies, honoring and cherishing them as sacred vessels of divine power.

What is The Divine Feminine in Christianity?

The divine feminine is a spiritual concept referring to the feminine aspects of God – embodying traits of the “Divine Feminine Goddess” It is often associated with compassion, intuition, and creativity. Mary Magdalene and especially Mother Mary, the mother of Yeshua is frequently used in Christianity to symbolize the divine feminine.

But a narrow view. The whole Divine Feminine woman is all of it! All her feelings, her Body and her Sexuality. This was taught in the Magdalene Temples …Not a part of any Christian teachings. The Divine Feminine was suppressed through time, un-mentioned and marginalized as wild and not holy.

We are now awakening to the truth. With the rise of the Rose Lineage and Rose teachings of Mary Magdalene and her ways as the Feminine Christ and co-atomic partner of Yeshua.

The divine feminine is a potent agent of love and compassion. Assisting you in developing our intuition, increasing our compassion, and cultivating a fairer and more loving and embodied society.

Pursuing this sacred vision, Light Priestess Temple helps women on their spiritual path awaken their divine feminine power and step into their role as new leaders of New Earth. We know the divine feminine is essential for creating a more compassionate world and it begins with you.

Our Courses and Trainings aim to empower you to connect with the divine feminine power within and cultivate a deeper relationship with the Divine that encompasses both masculine and feminine attributes. Your Inner-sacred union.

How to Connect with Divine Feminine Energy within No Time?

Light Priestess Temple is a sacred, safe, and supportive space for you to explore your deeper spiritual gifts, and sacred wisdoms and connect with other women on the path.  Light Priestess Temple is committed to giving you the tools and ways of being to awaken your divine feminine power which is your sovereign birthright.

Our temple offers various trainings & events, including online courses, in-person workshops, the online membership community and Pilgrimages to sacred sites. All services are designed to help you connect with your divine feminine power and highest destiny. To embody the New Golden Age within you - opening the Doorway to Transformation and Birthing the New Age of Light within Humanity.

Light Priestess Temple aims to serve in providing divine feminine energy:

  • Wisdoms about the divine feminine: Our Temple offers a variety of resources, including online courses, in-person workshops, and Membership Community and Trainings. These resources help you to fully embody your divine feminine energy, it’s Her-story, and your new Role in the world.


  • Empowering to awaken your divine feminine power: Light Priestess Temple offers a variety of tools and practices to help you awaken your feminine power. Tools include Light Code Activations, Courses, Sacred Ceremony, Initiations, Community, Trainings and Pilgrimages.


  • Connecting to your Sisterhood: Light Priestess Temple provides a sacred, safe and supportive environment to connect with other women on a similar path of awakening. You will feel more supported, empowered and seen. As you open and activate to your next level of the Divine Feminine within you.


  • Inspiring Your divine feminine power to create change in the world: Light Priestess Temple inspires you to embody your divine feminine energy to create change and usher in the New Age of Light.  We know the divine feminine is the essential foundation for creating a more compassionate and higher frequency New Earth. The Divine Feminine is the Force of sacred creation birthing this within you and within the world.

The Light Priestess Temple Courses Shares the next level Wisdoms and Modalities:

  • Divine Feminine Codes Activations

  • How to manifest your desires as the Divine Feminine

  • The role of the divine feminine in the New Golden Age

  • How to connect to Your Souls Divine Feminine Lineage and Divine Feminine Ascended Masters

  • How to Create Ceremony and Practices to activate the Divine Feminine within you and activate others

  • How to awaken your divine feminine power

  • How to use your divine feminine ability to create greater impact & change in the world

  • How to create life and beingness as the Divine Feminine: within your home, your life and your sacred business


The courses will be a supportive and transformative journey for you and women on their path of awakening of all ages and backgrounds. You can connect deeply with other women, share their experiences, and learn from one another. They will also have the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from Jennifer Ashira Ra.

Our knowledgeable vision is excited about guiding you on a path of self-discovery, healing, and true empowerment. We offer transformative courses that will deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine Energy and unleash your true potential by combining ancient wisdom, code activations and modern embodied practices.

The Light Priestess Temple is a strong force for the new activated Divine Feminine Energy rising now. Our temple is dedicated to helping you to breakthrough, awaken to your divine feminine power.  Fully embodying it to make the world more awakened, just and compassionate.

How to Radiate Feminine Energy?

Radiating feminine energy is a beautiful way to embody the qualities of Divine Feminine and bring them into every aspect of your life. Here are some practices that can help you embrace and radiate feminine energy:

Self-Care and Nurturing

Prioritize self-care and self-nurturing practices. Take time to rest, rejuvenate, and engage in activities that bring you joy and reload your energy. Slowing down, Taking time for ritual self-care like bathing in essential oils or self-massage. Nurture yourself with love, kindness, and compassion, treating yourself as you would a cherished loved one.

Embrace Sensuality & Creativity

Connect with your senses and fully experience the beauty and pleasure of the world around you. The 5 senses: Touch, Taste, Sight, Sound & Smell. Let them lead you and deepen your inner-sensory beingness. Engage in creative outlets that ignite your passion, such as art, music, dance, or writing. Embracing sensuality and creativity allows your feminine energy to flow freely.


Cultivate Intuition

Listen to your intuition and trust the guidance it provides. Practice tuning into your inner voice, honoring your instincts, and making decisions from a place of inner knowing. Your feminine energy will radiate naturally as you cultivate and trust your intuition. This is a key foundation of the Divine Feminine.

Practice Compassion and Empathy

Open your compassionate heart by practicing empathy and understanding towards others. Seek to connect deeply with those around you, offering support, kindness, and a listening ear. Helping others by your listening, support and care. Is a path of the Divine Feminine. By embodying compassion, you radiate feminine energy that uplifts and inspires those around you.


Embody Grace and Presence

Cultivate a sense of grace and presence in your interactions. Be present with others, listening attentively and offering your authentic company. Allow your words and actions to be gentle, graceful, and compassionate, reflecting the qualities of the Divine Feminine. Your presence is a healing gift of the Divine Feminine.

Symbols of Divine Feminine Energy

The symbol of Divine Feminine Energy is a representation of the sacred and transformative power that resides within all individuals. While no universally recognized symbol exists, several symbols are often associated with Divine Feminine Energy.

Some of these symbols include:

  • Sprial

  • Lotus Flower

  • Crescent Moon

  • Triple Goddess

  • Rose


The Spiral - the sign of the Goddess, Divine Feminine energy and the circular spiral of the divine Feminine. The labyrinth. The vortex of creation.


The Lotus - the original symbol of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess throughout time. Isis is associated with the Blue Lotus and Quan Yin the white lotus. Even Royalty wanted the goddess to give them high credibility with the fleur de lis. On their crowns and capes is a sign of the lotus.


There are so many more….


These symbols serve as reminders of the sacredness and power of the Divine Feminine Energy. They can be used in spiritual practices, rituals, and personal adornment to connect with and honor this transformative energy.


At Light Priest Temple, we honor the symbols associated with the Divine Feminine Energy. Our courses and practices explore the symbolism behind these sacred ways and guide you how to use them and work them on your spiritual journey.


Sarah J.

"I am so grateful for the work Jennifer Ashira RA is doing at Light Priestess Temple. Her activations have helped me to awaken my divine feminine power and step into my role as a leader in my life as a mother of 2 little girls and a healer. I highly recommend her work to any sister ready to make a difference."

Jessica B.

"I have been working with Jennifer for a few months and have seen a profound transformation in my life. I am more confident, connected to intuition, and passionate about my work. Which is new for me. This is the next level I was looking for and I am so grateful. Can’t wait to sign up for the next Course.”

Mary S.

"I have been following Jennifer Ashira for many years since her days in Bali, and I have learned so much from her. Wow! She is a gifted teacher and a powerful channel and mentor for me. I totally healed an old chronic pattern and now I can see a fullness how it’s all coming together for me — where before it was only pieces.”

Join Light Priest Temple & Embrace Your Divine Feminine Power

If you are ready to unlock the transformative power of the Divine Feminine Energy within you, we invite you to join Light Priest Temple. Join our next level empowering Courses, Trainings, Sacred Ceremonies, and supportive Membership Community. We are here to walk with you & guide you on your soul journey of self-empowerment, healing, and transformation.

We will support you and guide you in embracing and activating the Divine Feminine Energy within you. To create a world of love, compassion, and wisdom - opening the New Golden Age on Earth for all.

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