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Embracing the Dawn: The Rise of Luminous Feminine Power in the New Golden Age

In an epoch where the cosmic scales tilt toward enlightenment, the Light Priestess Temple stands as a beacon for souls journeying toward illumination. Founded by Jennifer Ashira Ra, this temple serves as a sanctuary for the new divine feminine world, inviting all to partake in the RISE activation event on April 20, 2024. This momentous occasion marks not just a gathering but a universal call to unlock sacred power and luminous frequency, propelling us into the illuminated frequencies of the New Golden Age.

Awakening to Your Luminous Journey

As dawn breaks on this new era, we find ourselves at the cusp of profound transformation. The Light Priestess Temple, through its RISE event, offers a map to navigate this shift, guiding participants through light-code activations, sacred practices, and channeled sound healing. It’s a journey designed to awaken the heart, align the soul, and co-create a tapestry of divine light that heralds the advent of a new world.

The Power of Collective Awakening

In the temple of rebirth, we're invited to share, connect, and co-create the new illuminated frequency. RISE transcends the traditional summit gathering, offering a two-hour luminous activated voyage into unity and community. With every practice, every embodiment, and every activation, we step closer to realizing our radiant potential against the backdrop of luscious and luminous practices.

Heart-Led Light Leaders and Creatrisses

Joining forces with five powerful heart-led light leaders and creatrisses, RISE beckons you through the gateway into your shimmering, opalescent potential. This is more than an invitation; it's a clarion call to embrace your rising, to step into a realm where your sacred feminine power is celebrated, nurtured, and amplified.

What You Will Receive by Joining RISE

By embarking on this epic journey, you unlock a cascade of empowerment, harmony, transformation, authenticity, and community. You're not just attending an event; you're stepping into a transformative portal, claiming your role as a creator of your life and sacred journey. Here, harmonization meets transformation, uniting us in a vibrant tapestry of collective awakening.

Empowerment: Rise into Your Role

Unlock the divine strength within and rise into your role as a beacon of feminine power. This is your time to stand tall, empowered by the collective strength of your soul tribe.

Harmony: Transforming the Unified Field

Blend your unique energy with that of the collective, transforming the unified field and elevating us all to new heights of consciousness and joy.

Transformation: Embrace the New Luminous Frequencies

The bold, new, luminous frequencies of change illuminate your path, guiding your ascent into the realms of the divine feminine.

Authenticity: Your Unshakable Truth

In the light of RISE, stand unshaken in your truth, sharing the vibrancy of your wisdom and the depth of your soul gifts with the world.

Community: Weaving Dawn Together

Join the leaders' soul tribe of the divine feminine's RISE, weaving together the dawn of a New Age of Light as ONE.

Join the Luminous Divine Feminine World with RISE

RISE is more than an event; it's a movement towards the luminous new divine feminine world. It's a journey into the heart of healing, led by guides who embody the essence of transformation. This unique convergence invites profound shifts when we collectively choose to rise.

Beloved, feel the call to RISE with us. Join us on April 20th and become part of a global movement of women reclaiming their power, their voices, and their rightful place in the tapestry of the universe. Let's ascend together, transforming ourselves and the world around us, one bold, luminous step at a time.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to answer the call? To embody the new luminous frequencies, to stand in your truth, and to share your wisdom and soul gifts with an eager world? To become an integral part of the new divine feminine world rising?

Together, we open the doors to a New Age of Light, uniting in purpose, passion, and power. Let your heart feel the call to RISE with us, beloved. Join us on April 20th for an ascension into the luminous divine feminine world we are co-creating, step by luminous step.

Join RISE Here and be a part of co-creating the New Luminous Divine Feminine World.


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